Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"A Family Enterprise"

This is in response to the piece written by Ms.Sagarika Ghose is Senior Editor, CNN-IBN in the Hindustan Times of 09th Feb 2010A family enterprise 

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Grudgingly one would have to agree with the author of this piece.

The question that we are asking is where is Sanjay the charioteer? Dhritarashtra, his compulsions, and role we understand! Is Media the modern day Gandhari? No it should be Sanjay! Silence of Sanjay is baffling, his active support to Dhritarashtras of today is bewildering.

Dhritarashtra is an apt standard for comparing most political outfits. The author has not alluded to the role of the media, which is a more than a willing partner in the disrobing of Draupadi (Indian Democracy). The moral duty of the media is not to promote the undeserving, yet all these worthies are prostrating at the feet of these very GenNext of the Political parties in India. Who affixes label of Scion, Prince and many others to these sons and daughters of the political patriarchs not the public? It is the Media. Who has killed the meritocracy in this country? Not the public, it is the media.

Has any one in the Media ever publish the Resume of these colts and mavericks who are paraded as the GenNext of Indian Politics, who will take this country forward on a trajectory that would make us a truly global player. Why does the media? Not highlight the public service done by these Icons before they assume party positions. The media has failed, is failing on a regular basis to discharge it duty of a watchdog, and the fourth pillar of our democracy. The new kids on the block would be easily judged by the public for their services or lack of it prior to being anointed heir apparent to their respective political fiefdoms and thrones.

If our political collage is feudal it is because, while the political class wanted to perpetuate it, the media has propagated it willingly. The non stop fawning over certain individual is as repugnant as is pathological hatred for others. That we witness on a daily basis in the Print and Electronic Medium.

The larger than life personalities are a creation of the Media. The Demi God Status is bestowed on the undeserving and unworthy by the media, as a constant barrage that is unleashed by the Media, that influences the young minds in this country who are yet to come to terms with the harsh realities of the world, the uneducated get swayed by this 24X7X365 Swan song played by this media.

A great disservice is being done to this country. The Dhritarashtras will sustain, disrobing of Draupadi will continue, as long as we have the willing partners for this in Print and Electronic Media in India.

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.