Sunday, January 18, 2015

Congress distressed confuses Meritorious as Notorious

“Devil quoting the scripture” we have often heard or have used it  at sometime or the other. Precisely that situation is arrived; we have Ms Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress posing a series of questions to Dr Kiran Bedi who has joined BJP a couple of days back.
This is not a sign of disquiet, this extreme distress; what ever little hope of revival Congress had in Delhi’s forthcoming assembly elections have been dashed, before commencement of campaigning.

Irony is the questions being posed expose Congress and its mediocrity, Congress is known for being Notorious not Meritorious. Look thru the history of this party power lust is supreme; awards have been bestowed upon themselves unmindful of the crimes committed. Vindictiveness of congress is very well documented Ms Chaturvedi is only bringing in public domain one such case by her ten odd tweets.

Other good news was conveyed by Ms Deepika Bhardwaj, boys who were targeted by Arnab and Timesnow channel in the #RohtakSisters case would be able to appear for exams, Hon High Court had issued an order for their roll numbers to be given to them.
This irresponsible Newscaster and Channel need to issue an unqualified apology to these boys for needless hype created without complete facts only for the sake of TRPs, even tried to defame the newly formed Haryana Govt of BJP.    

Leela Samson finally made he exit from the seat she should never have been occupying, then it’s a strong Congress trait to place least deserving individual in the highest office.

Arvind Kejriwal trying his level best to attract attention by putting out fake information about the support his party enjoys.

Barkha Dutt and her ilk are caught between the devil and deep sea, compelled to follow a singular line unable do that, for their mentors will not kindly to it.

Mr. K.C Singh is another confused being on twitter that is unable to stay with cause he keeps bending according to his convenience.

Lakshmi Chaudhry of Firstpost tried to stir a controversy around Aatish Taseer by making some unsubstantiated claims. Fortunately people are wiser and did not take the bait.

Shekhar Gupta is struggling and struggling hard to change the direction of the arc lights, he wants them focused on himself, sorry boss the world has moved on. Fade away now.

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