Sunday, April 4, 2010

Will the English Media yield to public pressure?

Mr.Mehta, is hallucinating Mr.Modi hates media, here we go again cause and effect Newton’s law is being forwarded by Mr. Vinod Mehta, No; this is not the correct reading of what Mr.Mehta is saying? There is a genuine complaint that Mr.Modi has not engaged or has been drawn into a slugfest with the media. Why should he? Does he have any chinks that need to be covered, have not been able to detect, he is not run of the mill corrupt inefficient yet another Chief Minister in India, who needs the media. Words are needed where action is weak or fails. Request Mr.Mehta for once to speak as a common Indian citizen without the accompanying halo of a journalist, which is the worst abuse today in India. The only perspective that individuals masquerading as journalists have is free drinks and food.

It is the guilt conscience that makes the offender perceive that he is wanted by the law, all the misplaced perception that you have, ostensibly which Mr.Modi exhibits towards the media are a manifestation of your conscience. Is it not a fact that as head of Gujarat state he must be impartial and also seen to be so, can we with any degree of conviction say the same for our mainstream English Media. The past 8 years it is the media which has been providing us with our daily fix of venomous diatribe which would put the deadliest Cobra, Viper and even the Boa constrictor to shame.

The decoding we take it at face value since it is coming from a very senior “Journalist”

02nd of April 2010 is indeed a watershed day for India not just the Congress, many in the print and electronic media have issued confessional statement on voluntary basis. Thank you we have noted the contents and the trend continues. Media is frustrated with its inability to carry out the execution after having condemned him in the Kangaroo court establish by Congress.

“Whether Modi was or was not the mastermind of the “genocide”,
“mass murder”, “carnage” has, in a sense, become a side-issue. What we have on display is a catch-me-if-you-can game and Byzantine legalese. Even after his 10-hour questioning by the SIT, he appears only marginally disadvantaged. Let me quickly add that I am totally with the sainted Teesta Setalvad, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami (although I am not entirely sure which side he is on!), Barkha Dutt and Siddharth Varadarajan, but at this moment Mr Modi seems to have the better of the hacks.”

Is this the confirmation that it is all about politics; the quest for justice is a convenient smoke screen. The idiom of US vs THEM being played out in full public glare with blatant disregards for professional ethics, the head must be delivered on a platter to the paymasters.

Permit me as a mango man (Aam Adami) of this country to state that we refuse to be converted into brain dead zombies. Which the individuals named by you have been attempting for the past 8 years. Alcoholics can seek refuge and assistance of the alcoholic anonymous. Unfortunately we have not been able to establish a separate institution for Modi fixated addicts.

The convoluted statements and eye witness accounts are just about beginning to unravel under their own weight; this is one such link…ghts.html?complete=1

your covert admiration for Modi may soon translate into a very overt act. The affect of 2 blogs and placing in public domain, the speech of Feb 2002 in the Gujarat Assembly, along with the appeals for calm made on doordarshan seem to have had the desired effect in 2010 if not in 2002. Has the Lion begun to roar again? Shall wait to see who is the last man standing in this sordid saga?

Finally if justice is what you seek, which is doubtful, then we would need to be convinced of your impartiality, the 26years long marathon being run to avoid the clutchs of law by Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and Congress party must receive the undiluted attention that has been pointedly avoided by your saints and evangelists.