Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sonia’s congress or modi sarkar in time of distress who will you turn to???

We have a govt in office which is performing it’s duties very efficiently and exceeding it’s call of duty on every occasion there is a human tragedy involved be it Iraq, Yemen, j &K  and now NEPAL.  Not one of the minister has sought to project self as a demigod or hog lime light. Everyone has worked with a digibnfied silence focused on providing relief despite the unending provocations from mediawhores and some lucky sperm like tushar Gandhi who has morphed into a parasitical virus.
There is no fanfare involved no photo ops. It’s work at it’s clinical best. Nepal has a massive human tregady onhand as an immediate neighbour it’s our duty and onus of  responding to  its need in distress. Happily  Modi sarkar has not disappointed any  other than the usual suspects.

Photos are being posted for the readers to draw their own conclusion how  & what happened at the time of uttrakhand tragedy with sonia’s congress govt in office and now with PM Modi at the helm of govt who wud you as a reader trust and call upon when in need of assistance. Lets not forget vp of congress who is national leader and Prime Ministerial material is again missing in action. There is no word from him on this large scale human tragedy.

Latest update as on 12MAY 2015

Arnab, Rahul Kanwal, Rajdeep, Sagarika, Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt, and the others from your fraternity, while you are busy insulting Indians at the world’s stage and pummeling the collective intelligence of Indians back home, I just have one thing to say. For once the nation doesn’t want to know the garbage you dole out to us every day or doesn’t even care where the buck stops. This country will endure and come out fine without your crony journalism.