Sunday, March 14, 2010

SIT Summons for Narendra Modi, Media goes hyper.

I am sure, there must be many in their mid 50’s who witnessed the mayhem, that was unleashed on the street of Delhi in 1984 where 3000 innocent Sikhs were killed in an orgy of death. The struggle to come to terms with the memory of those 3 days. Analogy of “Earth trembling because a big tree had fallen” as justification. The subversion of judicial system for the last 26years, we have not seen any vociferous support from the media for the victims, or the demand to bring to book the culprits responsible for the genocide, the first and only reported case in India. Instead this incident is being reported as Anti Sikh riots. Just two days ago we were witness to Mr.Sajjan Kumar walking out of the court in Delhi with bail having been granted to him in the 1984 cases. Periodically reports appear in the media and nothing more. The other event that has not received the due coverage is the ethnic cleansing of the Kashmir Valley, which has resulted in the Kashmiri Pandits becoming refugees in their own country. The Indian media has studiously avoided reporting on this issue. Why is it that these two events have not caught the imagination of the media? Were these Indians any lesser or is it that the perpetrators of crimes were not Indians? No most definitely not, the alleged accused are Indians, the Indian state has been a silent spectator if not a covert partner in these crimes.

The question that needs to be addressed is why has the media stayed silent and apathetic to the victims in these two cases? Were the alleged accused not known to the media? Is it a case of selectivity or oversight? Did these cases not reflect the Majority vs Minority aspect? Were these acts committed by communal forces or were these the acts of the secularists? Will justice be delivered in these two cases?

Indian history is replete with accounts of communal riots, since 1947 we have seen unprecedented numbers, majority of these horrendous events have unfolded when the government at the helm of affairs has been from Congress, yet none has received the attention from the media as 2002 Gujarat incident. Even as I write today, there are reports of communal violence in the city of Bareilly. State of Maharastra has witnessed 1 communal riot every 20days over the last 5 years yet there is no sustained campaign against the Chief Minister of the State. If one was to go by the media reports, then other incidents just did not happen. The State of Gujarat seems to have been frozen in 2002, elections and the mandate of the people of Gujarat for Narendra Modi is of little or no consequence.

Mr.Narendra Modi is not just accused of culpability and/or complicity. He has been judged and sentenced by the Indian media. This has been going on since 2002, now it is more than 8 years yet there is no let up by the media, mention the name Modi and the media goes into hyper mode.

CNNIBN continues it relentless tirade, does this channel have any concrete evidence of any crime committed by this individual? Is it an case of extreme prejudice? Why?

NDTV has scheduled yet another exclusive program on 14th instant “Godhra haunts Modi again” Does this channel have any concrete evidence of crimes committed by this individual? Explicit visceral hatred, for a democratically elected, Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat! The question is why?

Indian Express “Demanding answers” what are the reasons for this? Mr. Vir Singhivi has called this man a mass murderer why? Mr.Vinod Sharma of Hindustan Time does not miss an opportunity to take a dig at BJP.

Congress unable to unseat him thru free and fair elections, targets the man at every occasion without fail, overlooking the fact that their own record is worse than what they are accusing Mr. Modi.

Gujarat riots of 2002 are often referred to as Genocide! This is not the true description of the incident. Loss of life was not limited to any one religious community. Why is the media calling the killing of Sikhs in 1984 as “Anti Sikh Riots”? We do not have any record of any anti…… riots in India. What does the media wants, for and from Mr. Narendra Modi. Why this persistence? What are the basis for this sustained demonizing and vilification? Why has the media not placed the evidence in public domain, if indeed evidence is there to support this campaign of theirs? What is it that the Chief Minister of Gujarat did or did not do in 2002?

Why has the State of Gujarat not received the due coverage in the mainstream media in India despite the progress that it has made in the past 8 years! We are fed a regular diet of negative reports about Gujarat. Why? The comments made by Congress and the media about Mr. A. Bachchan on his consenting to promote tourism in the state of Gujarat. Has Gujarat seceded from the Union of India?

This is the single most glaring case of double standards by our media.

These self appointed, secular conscience keepers of India! Do not miss an opportunity to denigrate Mr. Narendra Modi, the reach of the electronic media is tremendous, they have a direct access to our homes 24 X 7, the uninterrupted replay of the events leaves an indelible mark on the young impressionable mind, the society is sharply polarized along, religious, and other basis. The misconceptions with the masses has left very little space for tolerance, any divergence of view with the above media houses or personalities get one labeled as a communalist. These votaries of secularism by their words and actions have put to shame, the most rabid communal individual in our country! The distinction between these self proclaimed secularist and their constant targets “The Communalists” is non existent. Both are striving hard to achieve the common objective of dividing the society permanently.

Incase Mr. Narendra Modi is guilty! The man must be punished for his crimes. What is it that Modi needs to be punished for? Direct participation in mass murder, as an instigator or is it that he did not prevent the event from happening?

Will the media answer the above question!

Latest update as on 09th February 2012

If we compute the worst 10 or 20 riots of India since independence, where does Gujarat 2002 fit in?   via @KiranKS