Saturday, December 20, 2014

Triple Challenge For India From #Jihadis , #SecularJihadis and #MediaJihadis

Three decades of terror has still not desensitized us Indians. Every terror strike brings with it, its own horror and barbarity. 16th December 2014 will not be easy to forget, even though terror struck Pakistan and not us, a nation which has been using terror as a strategic asset in its statecraft. 

When adults are victims of terror grief and damage is no less, but when terror strike young innocent school going kids it takes on a totally different dimension.

Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi reacted to the dastardly act as any head of government of neighboring country would! No infact he went a step further when he asked for schools across India to observe 2 minutes of silence in solidarity with the young victims of terror in Pakistan.

We have the page 3 types who want to cash on every opportunity to get the arc lamps to focus on themselves with senseless #IndiawithPakistan kind of hashtags. We don’t even finish ruing such banal acts of good for nothing publicity seekers who can’t differentiate between individual’s sorrow and state that perpetuate terror on India.

India is indeed unfortunate that it has a very large number of Indians whom I classify as #SecularJihadi and #MediaJihadis who seize any/every opportunity to indulge in fear mongering and vilification of BJP, RSS and Hindu majority, by stretching the dots even without links or justification.

Compounding these acts are the Fai sponsored and Track II diplomacy gang of Indians who think they can deliver what ISI wants.


Reaction to terror incident from Pakistan was along expected lines. Yes I tend to respect them more, even in their deepest grief they don’t let go of their hate for India.          

India has to be very watchful of the enemies within who are hellbent on dividing the society along religious lines using hypothetical situations to incite passion against the majority community.

These #SecularJihadi pose a very serious threat to all of us, they were still gungho about #IndiawithPakistan when news of 26/11/2008 Mumbai Terror attack  mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi being granted bail by the trial court in Pakistan was received.

Soon all of them were floundering for words to justify their loud expression of #IndiawithPakistan.

Schools kids across India express solidarity with the young victims of terror in Pakistan.

Will India be able to surmount the triple challenge that it faces from the #Jihadis , #SecularJihadis and #MediaJihadis their goal is common.

A big Thank you to Mr. Tufail Ahmad for posting all the photos of school children from across India used in this post.

Friday, December 12, 2014

“No News only Noise" Thenoisehour @9PM on Timesnow

There was a stage when Timesnow would tender an apology for it’s mistake. E-mail below is evidence of that.

This channel has since traveled a long distance. There is nothing more dangerous for a society & country than motivated media. Regardless of the reach of any particular channel or it’s demented personnel. The fact they have the means microphone, camera, studio & the Airwaves at their disposal makes them a very lethal weapon which can cause havoc.

Timesnow has been doing stellar work in this particular direction. It’s been four and half years since this channel came under scrutiny for indulging in rumor mongering and selective targeting of a political party.

Since then 9PM show has been upgraded from “Prime Time” to “Super Prime Time” only the channel & it’s personnel know the reasons. Other things that have been given up by this channel are “Your Channel” “India wants to know” “India is asking” India first” These were clich├ęs used for TRP and TRP gathering only.

Ask public and the unanimous verdict is No News No substance only Noise and not Thenewshour. Listed below as the charges against it’s Editor in Chief and the Channel itself.

This list has been compiled for the readers of this blog post.
1. Muzaffarnagar violence 
2. Gadkari's complete web expose 
3. Judge in scandal
4. Should Ganguly stay?
5.  VIP Hatemonger 
6. Is Subramanian Swamy Right 
7. Murders At Breakneck Speed
8. They Fought Back But We Let Them Down

These were the names used by Arnab on Thenewshour for what he calls debate.

These charges are very serious. Arnab till date has not responded to them. Though he demands this of everyone but does not practice it. 

Arnab was also politely directed by none other than the Prime Minister of India to
Guess even that has had no effect on this egoistical, self obsessed individual.

We do not capture the enormity and the impact of what these contrived Noise Emissions at high decibels do to the selected targets.

Muzaffarnagar riots no FIR was filed against any BJP MLA yet Arnab on Thenewshour continued to insist on this. He even called names which as a Newscaster is not just unacceptable, as the editor in chief it is disgraceful. No newscaster has the right to be sitting on judgment and abusing any individual. No apology till date.

The Newshour Debate: Blamegame after Muzaffarnagar violence - Full Debate

In case of Mr. Nitin Gadkari a 19 part expose was done by this channel and all kinds of charges were leveled lynch mobs were gathered in the studio, who indulged in name calling and defaming Mr. Gadkari without an iota of evidence. This is definitely not a sign of a responsible Channel or a mature Editor in chief. No apology till date.

The Newshour Debate - Gadkari's complete web expose Part 1 
The Newshour Debate - Gadkari's complete web expose Part 2 
The Newshour Debate - Gadkari's complete web expose Part 3 
The Newshour Debate - Gadkari's complete web expose Part 4

Justice Ganguly was subjected to a media trial of the worst kind, without any evidence to support the charges leveled by Arnab on Thenewshour. This so called debate was conduct on 3rd December 2013 and on 16th December 2013 on both occasion other than baseless allegation and insinuation, no evidence was presented in support. This was defaming an Ex judge of Supreme Court. Apology still awaited.

The Newshour Debate: Judge in scandal - Part 1 (3rd Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Judge in scandal - Part 2 (3rd Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Judge in scandal - Part 3 (3rd Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Judge in scandal - Full (3rd Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Should Ganguly stay? - Part 1 
(16th Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Should Ganguly stay? - Part 2 
(16th Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Should Ganguly stay? - Part 3 
(16th Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Should Ganguly stay? - Part 4 (16th Dec 2013)
The Newshour Debate: Should Ganguly stay? - Full (16th Dec 2013)

Arnab on Thenewshour once again targeted Sangit Som of BJP he called him names on air on prime time. Tried to preach to the majority of Indians who is Good Hindu and who is an evil Hindu.  Arnab clearly oversteps his limits when he starts to preach, it’s not for him to tell the public what his opinion is, as a newscaster he must restrict himself to facts of the events and nothing more. Apology awaited.

Arnab Goswami of "Times Now" completely exposed
The Newshour Debate: VIP Hatemonger - Full Debate (26th August 2014)

The most brazen case was when without looking at the facts Arnab on Thenewshour accused Dr. S Swamy of meddling in the case and even going on to claim Dr. Swamy wanted the convicted Indian fishermen in Srilanka killed. The facts were opposite of what Arnab claimed. Fisherfolks were pardoned and released by Srilamka. Arnab’s apology to Dr.S. Swamy is still awaited.  
The Newshour Debate: Is Subramanian Swamy Right - Full Debate (4th Nov 2014)

There were unfortunate deaths in Chattisgarh post sterilization procedure. Without waiting for facts or carrying out any investigation what so ever. Arnab went on another of frenzied trip of defaming Dr. R.K Gupta by calling him Dr. Death. The facts that emerged later were medicines were contaminated and Dr. R.K Gupta was not responsible for the death. Arnab defames at will without caring what impact it has on the individual or his family member. No apology till date.   
The Newshour Debate: Murders At Breakneck Speed - Part 1 (13th Nov 2014)

The Newshour Debate: Murders At Breakneck Speed - Part 2 (13th Nov 2014)
The Newshour Debate: Murders At Breakneck Speed - Full 
(13th Nov 2014)

Arnab’s obsession with hashtag to increase visibility on social media, has blinded him to the very basics of editorial responsibilities. Besides he seems to have made some sort of a commitment to defame BJP govt at the center and states.

His latest fiasco involved a couple of girls beating up 2 boys in a moving bus in Haryana, he did not bother to check facts or question how and who had recorded the video, instead as is his wont he went hyper, it almost makes us to believe he consumes Viagra for maintaining his orgasmic state. 

Since he broadcasted the video facts have come to light which are presenting a totally different picture to one he presented. Arnab has not had the decency to broadcast the videos which contradict his original story. Arnab does not have the decency to apologize to his victims or to the billion Indians who he has been repeatedly cheating by presenting rumors instead of news.   

The Newshour Debate: They Fought Back But We Let Them Down - Full Debate (1st Dec 2014)
Other side of the Rohtak story on which Arnab @Timesnow & @Thenewshour went ballistic. by @DeepikaBhardwaj
Deepika Bhardwaj Lady who shot #RohtakSisters video speaks up: NO MOLESTATION happened in d bus. Girls demanded video to be SHOT

Not just the above listed cases, Arnab also went ballistic recently when there was a stand off between the police and an Ashram in Haryana, Arnab again targeted the BJP state govt. Hon High Court of Haryana and Punjab commended the state govt for the restraint exercised and job well done.

Arnab and Timesnow seems to be on a mission to defame BJP and it’s govt regardless of the facts and their involvement in the events. Important question that is now before all of us should a person with so many glaring acts of defamation be allowed to occupy a position in a so called News channel. 

Should the Information and Broadcasting ministry initiate action? Or should it be the Press Council of India or Editor Guild. Strict action and exemplary punishment is what Arnab deserves and should not be denied this for long.

Latest update as on 12th may 2015

Arnab and timesnow have done it once again. This channel and man are proving to be a public menace. Anything inconvenient for bjp is hyped by these two, their sole aim is to defame the union govt if not state govt by bjp.facts are distorted to such an extreme extent criminal is presented as the victim and the victim becomes the criminal in public eye. This is serious bcoz this subverting justice , as also tampering with material evidence. Prosecution of channel and man is most urgently required as there are repeated cases of such conduct. Some day some innocent is going to pay a very high price for the trp lust of arnab and timesnow.


costable attacks woman, delhi constable
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The 15-second video clip of the alleged incident went viral on Monday, following which Satish Chand (right) was dismissed from service.
Written by Mahender Singh Manral | New Delhi | Published on:May 13, 2015 12:44 am
A day after a Traffic Police head constable was arrested and dismissed from service after he threw a brick at a woman, the police probe claims that Head Constable Satish Chand was the first to call the Police Control Room (PCR) at 10.37 am on Monday.
Police sources said he informed the PCR that a woman was caught after she jumped a light and that she was trying to escape after misbehaving with him. Within three minutes, the woman, Ramanjeet Kaur, too made a PCR call alleging that the traffic policeman was misbehaving with her, the sources said.