Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hysterical reporting by arnab of timesnow cant replace news media in India died a silent death on 14/06/2015

June14th 2015 could easily be declared as the day media died In India. Since the morning arnab goswami of timesnow started screaming and yelling about mrs shushma swaraj helped lalit modi wuth travel document, nothing could have been further from truth than this assertion. The decibel levels steadily kept going higher and by evening it had reached a crescendo, with other channels pitching in and congress fishing in troubled waters. However the first document that timesnow 

displayed destroyed the case even before it could be built, undeterred by this frivolous allegation at lalit modi , mrs swaraj pm modi and the govt at large were hurled by timesnow and congress.
The genisis of lalit modi saga is in 26/11 mumbai terror attack under the watch of corrupt congress government. The then home minister refused to guarantee security for staging IPL  which was per force relocated to south Africa, as a consequence of 26/11 mood in India did not favor inclusion of any player from Pakistan. An editorial on this issue was penned by mr shekhar gupta of Indian express.http://ioretradingindia.blogspot.in/2010/02/more-adventurism-by-mrshekhar-gupta-of.html
This was followed by an expose of  kochi franchisee by lalit modi , cost shashi tharoor his ministerial berth for a short while, lalit modi had cases foisted on him and he traveled to uk. Sunanda pushkar in the mean time was murdered and the investigation were delayed to such an extent that only after a new govt took office in 2014 that the case started to move slowly.
7th may 2014 enforcement directorate submitted to delhi high court, there was no evidence on hand to prove lalit modi had received money from the stated transaction on the basis of which the case had been initiated. Lalit modi’s passport was released by delhi high court.
When there is no ongoing case against an individual , how does he become a wanted criminal? Or a fugitive? This no channel or congress has explained. Why has congress not explained it’s inability to extradite lalit modi from 2010 to 2014 7th may. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/no-strong-evidence-against-lalit-modi-say-probe-agencies/1/359529.html Congress probably had more to hide than it wants us to believe. Why would congress say bilateral relations between India &uk wud be affected incase travel documents were issued to lalit modi by uk. Why did congress not present the legal document to establish his crime and have him extradited to India what has congress to hide? who was being protected by congress? By demonizing lalit modi.
It was also alleged a blue corner notice in against lalit modi was issued by Interpol which turned out to be a bogus claim.misplaced hysteria of arnab of past 3 days is disturbing disgusting and unacceptable. Questions need to be asked of congress why an ostensible criminal was not brought back to face the law of the land, what did congress fear who would have been exposed in the process of court battle. Congress has a strong record of corruption and scams in past 10 years, maybe this would have also lead to another one?

Newspaper report on lalit modi saga as under. This will help readers to reach their own conclusions.

a country, it's government, ministry minister political party and it's member has been baselessly defamed by an irresponsible channel and a hysterical newscaster.



Chidambaram Cancelled My Passport Illegally, Claims Lalit Modi

Tawqeer Hussain  | New Delhi (India) | Updated: June 17, 2015 9:52 pm

What's This?

Lalit Modi
Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi (File Photo/PTI)

Former Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi on Wednesday hit back at former finance minister P Chidambaram after he questioned the present NDA government for issuing fresh passport to Lalit Modi.
Modi tweeted that former finance minister cancelled his passport illegally.
“You illegally Mr Chidambaram cancelled it. The Honorable high court gave it back to me and said to your government -No Ball.”

Earlier senior Congress leader while addressing the pres conference here raised several questions on NDA government asking it to bring Modi back to India.
“Why NDA government is not making any effort to bring Lalit Modi back to India,” asked the former finance Minister.
Chidamabaram said that issuing passport to Lalit Modi is against law of the land and said that government must make the ‘file sharings’ public.