Thursday, August 27, 2015

Say no to khap panchayats in villages we have kangaroo court & lynch mobs in @timesnow studio.

Bringing to your the latest on the case, News Nation did bring both the parties of the case, i.e., Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh, on a common platform.
This happened during a conversation hosted by the channel, when Sarvjeet Singh asked a simple question about the duration of the conversation at the time of incidence, according to her. As she mentioned, 3-4 minutes, there is a valid point raised by Sarvjeet, that no traffic signal in Delhi stays red for 3-4 minutes.
I hope she understands the difference the duration of the conversation is very much relevant. And other things raised by the journalist too.
After looking at her way of speaking, during that 90 seconds of red light, she must have been the one speaking most of the time, may be 70% of the time. If this is the case, how did Sarvjeet molested her in merely 20-25 seconds including the statement as mentioned by Jasleen “Jo kar sakti hai kar le. Complaint karke dikha, fir dekhiyo kya karta hun main”.
Can this be another proof again Jasleen?

Meet the gandhian with gun. Hardik Patel

Monday, August 24, 2015


“Just because something isn't a lie does not mean that it isn't deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.” 

speak about webcasting of recording by ndtv. crass remarks
 about enjoying red wine while watching someone in trouble with police. Expressing gleefully happiness at swine flu might have struck a political personality whom you hate.
Sagarika fake live interview with sri sri

Dr kotnis was honoured by Chinese govt for his services to Chinese soldiers during 1962 Indo china war. Dr Kotnis died on 9dec 1942.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Social Media’s Impact on Society..

Can there be more emphatic a statement about the Importance of social media than the fact that Prime Minister of the country has 12million followers on a single SM platform, Union cabinet ministers engage with public regularly on SM.despite this Plenty has been spoken and written about social media in the past few years.

What is social media? Web definitions : Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. There are 13 most popular social networking sites.  My focus is going to be solely on Twitter, this is the platform which has emerged as the one that. Media and it’s venerable personnel are often heard complaining about. Before proceeding further I wish to thank my dear friend as raghunath for providing the historic inputs on conventional media which enables me present the subject matter in proper perspective.

We started 235years ago with print with Hicky’s Benegal gazette published in 1780 ,this first mover advantage has been lost by print media.India heard it’s first radio broadcast in 1930,(85yrsold) then ceylone broadcasting corporation took away bulk of the listners. Now FM channels are trying hard to regain those listners.

Next was TV started in 1959, regular telecast began in 1965, It was the 80’s saw a national channel, 90’s witnessed a proliferation of of satellite tv’s by 2012 823 channel of which 184 were pay channels existed in India. This conventional media still did not satiate the appitite of the public for information.
Net was launched in India in 1995 it’s only 20years old, youngest of the sibling. Low internet penetration in India, yet #2 when it comes to twitter usage globally after USA, ahead of Japan, Germany & UK! Presence in social media is a matter of personal choice, in my case26/11 /2008 was the inflection point, when we watched in impotent rage as India was held hostage for 72hours by half a score terrorists from across the border, started to comment extensively on newspaper sites and tv website, found comments at times were edited or held back on pretext of moderation. This lead to my taking to blogging in a very serious way and then investing a lot of time on twitter to make my views on issue public, challenge the narrative of GOI and main strem Media.
Consumer profile in India is no longer the passive consumer of 60’s,70’s,80’s &90’s. present consumer is very active & discerning, he invests heavily into shifting thru the information & getting to the facts at the earliest. What is Twitter? Normally described as social media platform! The meaning differs from person to person some use it for selling, some for connecting with the world, a few for fun and some for sharing knowledge, views and debate facebook enjoys the number status in terms of registered users in India, followed by Twitter, this is the forum that I personally favour and will speak about it at length.
Twitter is also the altar Ego for many, Twitter is the sounding board, Twitter is for attracting others, personalities from Entertainment Industry announce forthcoming releases, Socialites their pet themes and of course media personalities invite you to view their show on TV and pose questions, more importantly they mock and challenge. Twitter has become a personal pigeonhole for Tweeple who block the journalistic fraternity, pelt them with tweets to which the recipients cannot retort directly, this is a role reversal to the utter dismay of the media, has not yet been able to come to terms with.  It is reported that a show hostess last week on air in the course of show stated that she was a hated figure on Twitter, question is? Did she elaborate on her own contributions for attaining such a cult status
An indisputable fact is that people on this forum have tremendous knowledge on almost all subjects are vocal and quick to correct any misrepresentation by the media folks, this leads to debates and often heated exchanges largely civil in nature often ending in Tweeple being labeled by media folks as Internet Hindus, Right wingers, Khakhi Chaddi Brigade, Trolls etc etc.
There are stray incidents of abusive language being employed by a few, blocking is normal. Irreverent Tweets are also a norm, rumors by media, as also misinformation is tried to be inflicted on us, such Tweets are duly deleted with promptness that the mischief does not return to haunt the perpetrator, by way of retweet or be used as evidence to confront the culprit. Tech savvy Tweeple ensure that such tweets are instantly captured and re-posted to the dismay and discomfort of these individuals who tried to be cute on this forum. There is a recent instance of a journo from Economic Times going overboard and posting hateful tweets, cruelly attempting to later justify them as a joke, we did not detect any humor what so ever in those tweets,.
With the passage of time, presence on twitter lead to experimentation into areas which I had not previously traversed,when an atlete faced paucity of funds totake a coach of choice to London Olympics a hjoint effort was launched with others on twitter under the banner of ek Aur Prayaas to raise funds. This was a surprising success, all funds were directly remitted to the athlete’s account.this was followed up with raising funds for Assam riot victims, here againg the funds were directly remitted to those organization which were working on the ground in Assam, was personally targeted by the then UPA govt, which got my handle blocked by local ISPs, however twitter insisted on court order to block my handle from their end.  UPA cud not furnish that. Next when state of Maharastra  faced serious drought again we employed twitter to gather funds & volunteers for on ground work. During the serial bombblast in Mumbai in 2011 again it was the tweeple who organized to have details of blood banks, hospital, names list of the injured & organizing car pools, this was done in a very organized manner,Social Media has empowered the public & is being extensively used for various activities other than commercial or chit chatting. Story of twitter & social media will remain incomplete without going into details of ALAKH2011.  on 13 april I was tweeting pictures of jallianwalan bagh, when shailesh kumar pandey a resident of varanasi got into a conversation with me & expressed his desire to traverse the entire country on his motor cycle & specially visit the sites & homes of those who sacrificed their lives for the country, but were unknown to Indians. He named this mission of his his as  ALAKH2011 THE UNSUNG HEROES.During his entire jouney he was constantly in touch with us on Twitter regardless of the  city/village OR state he was traveling thru or the time of day or night. When his motorcycle stopped working in kerela at about midnight, this was not something which cud not be overcome, tweeple nearest to him were contacted who in turn got hold of a mechanic who reached the sport where shailesh K pandey was, motocycle repaired without much loss of time & stress, he managed to complete his journey successfully & reached home safely, without any mishap any where enroute.
During the natural calamity in uttrakhand it was again social media, tweeple in particular who once again joined hands without any call from any authority, name list were compiled, funds collected, rope bridges built, Mr alok bhatt from dheradoon took the lead in this effort. He also went ahead & collected sufficient funds to provide cattle to villagers & procured refrigerated vehicle to transport milk from those villages, providing employment is as important as rescuing people in case of calamity.

Social media twitter in particular also played a significant role in the gen elxn of 2014, we did conduct several meets in different cities under the banner of ‘EK aur Prayaas’
These were calledc  as transition beyond twitter, since these were offline interaction.
Media in the meantime came up with a theory that Social Media could influence between 165 to 210 seats in forthcoming General Elections. This was not a finding of media’s own but from a Knowledge foundation body and the study was backed by the Internet & Mobile Association body. This study shows that that Social media users may be the new island of new vote bank that conventional political class has to worry about. The report suggested that by the time India went to poll in 2014 the SM users number would remain close to 80Mn. Add to that 25Mn NRIs those who now have voting rights. Even if they are not present physically to press the voting button, they still remain huge influencing block.

Based on the SM users intensity, the study details there are 160-High impacting constituencies, 67 medium constituencies and 60 other low or no impacting constituencies!

Scope of social media being employed for social causes is a big plus. With the ever increasing number of media may very soon play a crucial role in how the govts will run in this country.  In conclusion give me great pleasure to inshare with you Chittaranjan Kar ‏ of Barbil, Orissa
was honored by Barbil MunicipalityOdisha on IndependenceDay 2015 for SwachhBharatAbhiyan signature drive.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


NEVER IN THE Annals of Human History  has anyone ever done what chief minister of Delhi Arvind kejriwal did, last morning on the occasion of 69th Independence Day celebrations.

This megalomaniac has surpassed all tinpot dictators of the world, he has left behind even the likes of mayawati who erected statues of her self in Uttar Pradesh. The state where she was the chief Minister not too long ago. For a newbee Arvind Kejriwal, surely has a plan well drawn out how to project  himself.

This opportunist jumps in where ever he can score political brownie points. Has no clue about governance, yet continues to make promises, which gullible people of delhi swallow and vote him back to power with higher number of seats. Why blame a megalomaniac when the people who have the power to reject, refuse to exercise their power.   

There was outrage on twitter moment it became public, what arvind had done, however reaction from Media was disappointing, infact adityarajkaul of Timesnow justified his action by quoting similar action of Sheila dixit and Najeeb Jung. 

What shud have attracted instant condemnation from Media was being defended, probably for an agreed price. This is not beyond realm of possibility, Media in India is corrupt to core & will defend the indefensible for the right price. Putting out pictures in defence of arvind kejriwal was too gross an act on part of adityarajkaul of Timesnow.

Arvind Kejriwal is definitely not in politics for public service or good, he is here to live a life of luxury at the expense off taxpayers of this country. God forbid the day he manages to win an election in some state other than delhi, that surely shall be converted to arvindland with everything bearing his name.

Time for Indians to wake up reject  and eject this megalomaniac before he cause untold damage to this country and it’s people. Public faith in political mass movements has suffered a very serious blow from which it may never recover, this credit goes to Arvind Kejriwal.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tale of a dumb son & A very vicious mother

Sonia Gandhi ,her son rahul and congress refuse to accept, they have been rejected by the voters in India, their behaviour out and inside the parliament is pure  and simple vicious, their overriding desire is to hurt Indians, damage India and blame the current dispensation for that.
Without taking any more time, I will leave it to the readers to view bothe videos uploaded and arrive at yheir own independent decision, I have no doubt there is going to be near unanimity in India, that congress and the dynasty is anti India , out to destroy this country.
June14th 2015 could easily be declared as the day media died In India. Since the morning arnab goswami of timesnow started screaming and yelling about mrs shushma swaraj helped lalit modi wuth travel document, nothing could have been further from truth than this assertion. The decibel levels steadily kept going higher and by evening it had reached a crescendo, with other channels pitching in and congress fishing in troubled waters. However the first document that timesnow. On 16th june 2015 in my postI had said there is no case made out and arnab , Timesnow and Congress would emerge looking foolish and would have hurt themselves severly.

''Sushma's act, a case of gross impropriety' - Rajya Sabha TV Jun 18, 2015 - interview-rstv ... leader Anand Sharma pointed out to Sushma Swaraj's role in the Lalit Modi controversy. ... Sushma Swaraj's act is a case of gross impropriety. On the Lalit Modi controversy, Sharma criticised External Affairs ... Lat

LatSushma's act, a case of gross impropriety' - Rajya Sabha TV

Jun 18, 2015 - interview-rstv ... leader Anand Sharma pointed out to Sushma Swaraj's role in the Lalit Modi controversy. ... Sushma Swaraj's act is a case of gross impropriety. On the Lalit Modi controversy, Sharma cr

If one were to look back at recent events, it is obvious that it is not the Congress party, but Sonia Gandhi and Rahul who have been at the forefront of aggressive behaviour in parliament and outside. Yesterday, even taciturn Sonia rushed to the well of the house, showing her true nature. The disruptions during Sushma Swaraj's speech were often instigated by Sonia herself, and the sharp personal attacks - whether on Modi or Swaraj - were made by Rahul.
The rise of Modi's BJP is a direct threat to the Gandhi family's control of the Congress because it challenges the idea of the party as family property. Modi's unexpected rise, despite the forces ranged against him, demonstrate a simple point: that talented individuals can rise from nowhere to become No 1. Just as in business the Narayana Murthys and Sachin Bansals have challenged the hegemony of family-based businesses, in politics, Modi is the disrupter of family-based politics.
It is no surprise that Modi's tactics and strategies are now being copied by ambitious politicians everywhere - from Arvind Kejriwal, who abandoned his Aam Aadmi avatar to become AAP's sole face, to Nitish Kumar, and even Akhilesh Yadav in UP. All these leaders have realised that the people are looking for new leaders who can solve problems. Family-based parties are fine, as long as they seem to provide talented leaders with new ideas for India. At one point, even Kanshi Ram and Mayawati provided that new idea. This is exactly what the Congress party's First Family is afraid of - that talent will trump political inheritance at some point.
The Sonia-Rahul effort to disrupt parliament is driven by two fears - that if they do not lead the chaos, their party's most ambitious leaders could revolt and break off to form their own regional outfits (as Sharad Pawar and Mamata Banerjee did in the past). It should be more than obvious to anyone that young leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot are any day more capable than Rahul Gandhi, and the only thing holding them back is the reality that the Congress is currently Gandhi family property, and no one is allowed to outshine them.
The second fear of the Gandhi family is narrow and personal: they suspect that sooner or later, the real estate capers of Robert Vadra and Sonia and Rahul themselves (as evidenced in the National Herald property grab) will make them legally and politically vulnerable.
The "maa-beta" aggression is probably intended as a pre-emptive strike, so that in case the legal situation turns against them, they can claim political vendetta. Rahul Gandhihas already been muttering darkly about vendetta politics.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Maino Mafia’s writ no longer runs in India?????

Congress has stalled parliament and legislation, effectively blocking progress of India., on flimsy pretext of cases that are not there.
  1. mrs shushms swaraj  helping lalit kumar modi.
  2. vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh
  3. vasundararaje  helping lalit kumar modi
congress has not presented any evidence in any of these cases. The party is unwilling to debate & discuss these in parliament. Creating unruly scenes in both houses and making it difficult for them to function normally. Protest in democracy is accepted by all. Tyranny by the rejected political outfit is not.

While the slaves have been in the forefront. Mother & son duo have stayed in the background directing these knave to perform to their diktats, what has surfaced is the viciousness of sonia Gandhi who is unable to come to terms with the humiliating defeat handed out to her and party by Indians in 2014.
Mr shushma swaraj has not influenced any decision of the british government. It’s preposterous to think MEA  of India has the heft to influence decision of another sovereign govt. this may have been the case when, sonia’s congress was in office and most decision were made outside India.
It’s sonia and her congress which has a lot to explain especially the mafia operation being run by her sisters who demanded US$60Millions from lalit kumar modi.this Indians are waiting anxiously to hear from sonia.
Why did digvijay singh presented forged document in the vyapam scam? Why was this congress slave trying to delay and derail investigations in this scam? One it started under a congress govt in M.P. Digvijaysingh may have played an active role which now needes to be coveredup since change in dispensation at centre a lot has changed.

Here alaso it’s Sonia’s congress which needs to explain what was it’s role and why it did not want a debate in parliament.
Most curious is the case against vasundraraje. Ever since assunming office CM of rajasthan has masde no move of any kind to assist lalit kumar modi, if anything was done it was prior to assuming office of CM. Why has congress remained silent for all these year was it unaware or it was convenient to stay silent.
What ever the reason be there is no case made out. Since there is no case registered anywhere in India against lalit kumar modi.
Anand Sharma may contionue to insist and employ words which are unbecoming and unacceptable, all three instance will return to bite congress. It has more to hide than anyone else. Tread cautiously. Social media is on the look out for an opportunity to bury congress deep.

Finally onus on congress to place case number court and city in public domain where lalit kumar modi was required to appear as an accused. Like sonia and rahul Gandhi were summoned in delhi in the national Herald case. This case cant be covered by yelling and screaming about others.

 National Herald case: Delhi court summons Sonia, Rahul as accused... party vice-president Rahul Gandhi were Thursday summoned as accused by ... Suman Dubey and Sam Pitroda, to appear before the court on August 7.

jun 26, 2014 - SoniaRahul summoned as accused in National Herald case ... itappears that YI was in fact created as a sham or a cloak to convert public ...

Jun 26, 2014 - SoniaRahul summoned as accused in National Herald case ... and Sam Pitroda, besides the Gandhis, to appear before the court on August 7.

Jun 26, 2014 - They(Sonia & Rahul Gandhi) will have to face trial, will appear as accused: Subramanian Swamy on National Herald case ...