Saturday, April 25, 2015

Murder most foul part 2 media obsessed with modi sarkar &PM modi

Events unfolding before us have left many question unanswered about the death of gajendra singh and role of aam aadmi part and its so called leadership. The alacrity with which the death was pronounced as a suicide, purported suicide note, delhi police squarely blamed for inaction by aam aadmi part, organizers of the rally. After 48 hours of intense secrutiny by SM. Main character did wilt under pressure . congress has been accused of massacre of sikh in 1984, even this party has never attempted anything as brazen as it’s progeny aam aadmi party tried at it’s rally.
The party was totally focused on scoring political brownie points against BJP. This has been the ttrend from it’s very inception. Bjp is the only party capable of thwarting arvind kejriwal’s dream of becoming prime minister of India. Otherwise why would he corelentlessly attack bjp and the congress. He knows fully well congress for narrow political gains will support him.once BJP  has been dealt with kejriwal will find it very easy to neutralize congress after all he has the same skill as congress backed by ruthlessness of a murderer.
Crimes of this man and his party have left no room to wriggle out of this sticky situation. Weeping on tv by ashutosh and a belated apology by kejriwal have only given added credence to them being guilty. This was a stunt which went awry, will cost very dearly to all involved..

Parallel playing out is mediawhores being exposed on their so called christian persecution. Agra church attack turned out to be the handiwork of seculars for which mediawhores were blaming modi sarkar and huindus.

Another spectacle that was playing out was of rahul Gandhi making an air dash to kedarnath shrine in order to woo hindus for theor votes since minority votes are no longer their sole property.

Sagarikaghose and her venom has a folk lore status in India. No day can pass unless she takes a swipe at PM Modi.

 Death of gajendra singh being ascribed to LAB OF  Modi sarkar is a figment of fertile imagination. The bill has not been passed yet, distress  has been caused. This logic is only possible with mediawhores in India