Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Has Dr. Kiran Bedi’s entry reduced Arvind Kejriwal’s political relevance.

Media more than Congress, wants to score an electoral victory over BJP, PM Modi and Hindu majority. Since 16th May 2014, media has been extremely shrill about everything and has been reporting only on negative incidents, if there is nothing then it has been manufactured like TimesNow did in the case of RohtakSisters. Or more recently Rajdeep Sardesai tried to incite others to heckle Mr. Arun Jaitley on 2002 riots.

After repeated victories in State Assembly elections, BJP seems well entrenched and growing stronger by the day. Media sensed an opportunity in Delhi Assembly Elections, because Aam Aadmi Party is the main pretender and not Congress, also perceived or real differences in the state Unit of BJP.

Media has been hyper active in promoting Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party. However all this came to a naught when Mr. Amit Shah surprised all by inducting and declaring Dr Kiran Bedi in BJP as its nominee for the post of Chief Minister of Delhi, beside many others who were erstwhile members of Aam Aadmi Party and Congress have also joined BJP.

This has reduced Arvind Kejriwal’s political stature to that of a pygmy in comparison to Dr. Kiran Bedi who scores over him on any and all parameters. Shazia Ilmi and Binny are also exposing Aam Aadmi Party’s fault lines. Arvind Kejriwal in the meantime is doing what he does best hurling baseless allegation and making tall claims.

All including media were confident they would best BJP at the hustings in Delhi, but this does not seem to be happening with new inductees in BJP.  Continued media focus is required by Arvind Kejriwal to stay in public memory, he challenged Dr.Bedi to a debate, as if on a cue all the channels and their prominent faces jumped up in unison and started making provocative statement to entice BJP into accepting this offer. These very people were the ones who had ridiculed Mr. L.K Advani when he had proposed a debate on similar lines in 2009.

Today Media wants it because they want to score brownie points, but don’t they do this in their studios every day, evening and night. NDTV and it’s people are complaining about new members of Censor Board they forget their silence when the most undeserving congress nominees have been members of this board since 2004. NDTV Hindi is blatantly promoting AAP by asking for RTs in favor of AAP.

Commie rag ironically called The Hindu wet it’s pants and apologized to Islamic Jihadis for publishing picture of people carrying copies of the French Magazine Charlie Hebdo. Very same publication which was preaching about movie PK to us!

In conclusion it’s distressing no MP in India came forward in support of Kashmiri Pandits as did Mr Bob Blackman MP who hosted an event at the House of Common.