Thursday, May 14, 2015

false sense of grandeur Created by media, resurgent rahul awaits another relaunch after this miserably failed attempt by congress & media cronies. Pappu cant dance saala.

Media has been in an euphoric state ever since rahul Gandhi resurfaced after 56days of absence at location unknwon purpose undisclosed objective and out come yet to be ascertained?
Soon #pappubhajanmandali was in full flow singingbhajans that public found inconsistent with the performance of pappu. He was resurgent, aggressive, pushing back modi sarkar every minute of the day on every single issue. Bjp govt & mps were flummoxed how to handle this relaunched pappu.
As public hadpercieved. This also proved to be another failed relaunch. The bubble burst with a loud bang. Media whores had created a larger than life image which could not be sustained since the product was faulty as always.
This resurgent and aggressive rahul shot himself in the foot repeatedly on amethifoodpark issue. Knaves in congress had no choice but to rachetup the noise in parliament and tv studios. End of the day, the fraud was exposed.park which had been cancelled by his own mother’s govt he alleged was done by modi sarkar, bigger fraud was he even participated in foundation stone laying of a non existent foodpark in his constituency.
Should this mp not explain to the farmers, labourers youth and other voters of amethi why he indulged in this charade. Shud rahul Gandhi not be censured in lok sabha for false statement.
Mediawhorse will always sing his bhajans that’s how they earn their living.
What bjp does in amethi can only be known once a bjp mp is elected from there until then it’s the duty of the current mp to develop that constituency a very tall order for a mp  missing most of the time from his constituency as also the parliament and country. He is an absentee mp.