Sunday, September 19, 2010

Congress friendly media propounds three new myths.

A couple of weeks back our Prime Minister met with a select group of editors, described by many as a rare occurrence. He is a man of few words; reticence is his strength so we are told. Post that meeting as expected there were some new facts uncovered, or should one say 3 important new discoveries made.

This is at best left in the realm of fiction that the media is creating, naturally with its power and reach, the media has enormous influence over the collective psyche of the people. This enormous influence ensures that the sentiment is always controlled -- mostly favorably, but if need be negatively -- by sections of the media. There can be nothing further from truth than the below supposition it is indeed ingenious, yet would be extremely hard to digest.

"He had a mandate to be prime minister for five years especially because he was projected as the PM candidate during the 2009 parliamentary poll" This is the second point that political analyst believe the PM was trying to deliver. There is a phrase "Basking in reflected Glory" now a new phrase has been added to our vocabulary and that is reflected mandate, by means of this one could legitimize holding any constitutional office in India, and it could possibly also become heredity using the same logic PM's wife hence why not the next PM.

There is a serious deficiency of legitimacy in this our incumbent PM’s case.

Third point, “by citing examples of Morarji and Sardar Patel, both deputy prime ministers, he pre-empted any possible move to appoint a deputy PM.” This has been very adequately dealt with by Mr. M.J.Akbar in his article  “Memo to PM: Ego is unflattering”  dated 12th sept 2010 in Times of India needless to repeat here.

This is the first point as per the political analysts. “One was that there was nothing wrong with his government and if there was any perception about things not being in control it was because of elements within the party”

The questions that we have are, what is right with this Government?

1.Food Price are they in check…No the PM has been unable to exert and display his prowess in the area of his core competence.

2. The PM for effect may issue a statement negating the directive from the Supreme Court of India; fact of the matter is food grains are rotting nearly 60,000mt. While this country has nearly 400million people who are starving and this grain could have easily helped their cause.

3.Corruption…Again the answer is in the negative..It has reached unprecedented levels under his very nose. 2G telecom scam, CWG, and Mining etc more may be uncovered as we go along.

4.Internal security…… negative.

5.External security….. negative

6. Foreign policy……..abject failure needless to recount all the past events.

What good is a brilliant master when all pupil fail? What good is policeman if crime continuously increases? What good is general under whose command the territorial integrity is lost?

It is perhaps time to stop flaunting personal honesty and unimpeachable integrity of our PM as the fulcrum of this government, when clearly all is not well with it.

Finally it is an established fact that he has been appointed and not elected to the post of PM. In our model of democracy Convention and written Laws have an equal weightage. The Prime Minister in our scheme of democracy is a directly elected representative of the people of this country. A Prime Minister from Rajya Sabha is legal as per statuette, however is in contravention of the convention that the Prime Minister should be from the largest party block in Lok Sabha.