Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tiranga at Lal Chowk!!!

    This we cheered lustily

I love my flag, my anthem and my country.
These words sound hollow in the face of your known track record. Dangerous politics - by Barkha Dutt in Hindustan Time
I had no plans of posting a blog, after reading the comments about 154 on this article this is what prompted me to post this blog.
These are the comments posted by Mr. A. S. Raghunath.  
“You love none but your own such nauseating news sense that are repellent to majority of self-respecting Indians. Reading your article therefore was not a pleasure, Ms. Barkha. For, every logic that you have structured in your prose, contradicts your own action on the ground—in your newsfield!
You say you love Fauj. But your addiction for sickening sense of news doesn’t hold you back from being seen on the sides of those who advocate freely against Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958. Your own opposition to this act puts the very jawans’ life and career in jeopardy, whom you love so much!
You say I love my country. And to you, country doesn’t mean states ruled by parties other than Congress! Your own hate-BJP-vendetta sometimes make you dislike even the people of those states! Remember, when Gujarat returned Modi back to power, in a news show and using your own voice over, you had called Gujaraties ‘traditionally effete’ people? How can you love your country when you dislike its people?
You say national Anthem brings tears. Tears would roll only when you feel the essence of what was penned by Gurudev in a highly Sanskritized Bengali language. Left to you, even this classic language is not the language of your version of India, but that of Sangh Parivar! When have you advocated in favour of Vande Matram, another national song, which was penned by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay? Whenever there was controversy stirred up on Vande Matram, you reared your sickening news sense again and sided with those who opposed this beautiful song. To your tribe Maa tujhe salaam is acceptable but not Vande Matram!! This therefore demonstrates, the one who hardly understands the classic language, how would it trigger tears?
In one sentence you aver it was Vajpayee who should be credited with all the peace processes initiated so far in the valley. And in the next you don’t even hesitate to call many of BJP’s intervention in the state as ‘imaginative’! Ironical, no?
You credit BJP again for successfully putting this Government on defensive on non-performance, corruption and inflation; but in none of your shows you offered this credit to this party. On the contrary you questioned them on stalling of parliament. And for every Congress failure you, fiercely contrasted that with BJP’s past and present short-comings to only discredit them in the public domain. In a passing reference, you called Vibrant Gujarat a successful summit, where Modi had attracted Rs. 21 Lakh Crore potential investment through 7936 MoUs, thereby creating job opportunities for a potential 5.2 Million population base. Take a content audit of your shows, Ms. Barkha and tell us if your channel had depicted this success story on your shows? This is not news as this doesn’t conform to your sickening news sense, Ms. Barkha.
Finally you say that Omar Abdullah made multiple appeals to BJP to halt this Yatra-Rajneeti. He is the same Omar who while parting with BJP made that famous speech in Parliament that had won a billion hearts for him and made him a potential CM candidate for J&K state. He said, ‘I’m a Muslim and an Indian. And I see no difference in this..’!
Why don’t you ask the same Omar to show his statesmanship again by going and planting an Indian Tri-color himself on Lal-Chowk? This would take the wind out of BJP’s Yatra-Rajneeti and would also win him huge goodwill from all over the country. There is a symbolism of great statesmanship here, if he does that. Of course, Lal Chowk is relevant today as it had seen a Pakistani Flag being hoisted there, by separatist elements. And putting a tri-color back there is as important and relevant as putting an Indian Flag by Jawans on the Kargil heights, after it was retrieved from the grab of Pakistanis.”

                       This is not acceptable at Lal Chowk

 Dismiss Omar Abdullah if flag hoisting is  challenged HT.

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