Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saints and Angels of English Main stream Media are under threat from the Devils that populate Social Media

Above exchange of Tweets is illustrative of the discourse that is currently on between the much venerated and celebrated Journalists and the lowly Tweetizens.  This is not the bone of contention. We have a couple who have made it their life time mission to denigrate the democratically elected Chief Minister and ensure the state is treated as an enemy country.

 Sample this video from 2007 :  
Hate and Venom harbored for a particular individual has made them to transgress every boundary of profession ethics. No one is exempt from limits of decency. This breaches decency of civil human behavior, leave alone responsible journalistic conduct.

We are dealing with a couple who have no respect for others, including the judges of Supreme Courts and Holders of Constitutional Posts duly Elected by the people of this country. Without any consideration of investigative or judicial process indicting Mr. Modi.  The reaction from Tweetizens is spontaneous and an expression of their angst towards this couple for this uncalled for conduct. This does not qualify them as Modi Bhakts, Trolls or paid Tweeters. 

Saints and Angels of English Main stream Media are under threat from the Devils that populate Social Media, Twitter in particular.

This is an unacceptable situation and should be rectified without any delay or discussion. There is no scope for another view or opinion. Saints and Angels have not sinned are incapable of sinning. Devil by nature is evil and indulges in all dark deeds.

Situation is grave as a matter of fact very grave, not just the fraternity, even Mr. Ajay Maken of Congress seems to have carried this to the level of home Ministry. Matter of National importance can not be ignored by the political party in Government.

Ms. Ranjona Banerji has plunged in head first with her take on this issue and is offering a stout defence for the Two, but habitual offenders. Oh wish Ms.Ranjona Banerji had learnt to use the weighing scale to ensure both ends were balanced. If unable to do so should have called on the services of some one learned who could have told her when the needle was dead center.

Ms. Banerji may thinks she is obliged to defend her fraternity, but you overlook a basic fact, these are Newscasters and not Journalists.

Nothing could be further from truth than the above assertion. This is couple who have a long history of abusing and spreading hate in the society. The current situation is not an unprovoked one, this came about due this Tweet.

Others Tweets had to follow for the man could not stop just with one.

Reaction was as desired by Rajdeep Sardesai and were these anonymous handles or were they created by the man himself to create this situation, he is known to have done this previously also. Link Ah last but not the least manufacturing fake tweets by TV channel to influence viewers.

Did the man provide you with any evidence on the basis of which you have made such vehement assertions. If not then it amount to nothing more than crying wolf. A street side bully who’s bluff was called.

If the argument is that as an Editor in Chief he was expressing his opinion, in return what he received were letters to the editor, all need not be laudatory and palatable.

The evidence against Mr. Sardesai is strong, yes Ms Ranjona Banerji is at liberty to reject it as insufficient or as a personal opinion or even as part of joke (sic). It’s all there did the victim present any evidence on the basis of which Ms Banerji has condemned a certain section of user of Twitter as Trolls, allow me to reiterate it’s not due to political affiliations but outright hatred & venomous diatribe over a prolonged period of 12years.

Now to come to the Second victim of the vicious Tweetizens; lesser said about Ms Sagarika Ghose the better it is, she epitomizes everything that an individual should not be. She seeks publicity and attention through her provocative, abusive and mischievous Tweets, when caught cries wolf, even goes as far as accusing other of a gender bias and whatever comes to her mind.

Some of the gems that Ms Sagarika Ghose has let fly on Twitter.
It would not surprise any of us despite the overwhelming evidence presented here Ms.Banerji still feels compelled to defend this couple. After all she also has the pretensions of being an expert on Gujarat riots of 2002.     

Where does this leave us all, very evidently where we started from? This couple needs to not just apologize to Mr. Modi, but to the Nation at large.