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'Internet Hindus' Culprits or Victims???

It is a real achievement to get a fairly apolitical neo-Platonist who cares more about the Roman Empire than any present political entity to be annoyed about the spate of articles about “internet Hindus,” “trolls,” and the “Right wing.” But first, it was that Raman piece about NaMo and his trolls, and then a piece in the Hindustan Times, and now Global Post’s latest article, Meet the Internet Hindus.” To be fair, this third piece is describing the phenomenon, and is far more objective than most twitter comments or the other two articles. In any case, let me make a few points clear to you moderns:  “Just for the Record”  Has more than fittingly dealt with this article by Mr. Jason Overdorf.

My take on this article is lacking on three counts 1.) Research 2.) Victims presented are the actual culprits  3.) Evidence presented has been ignored. 

Media in India is largely left leaning and has arrogated to itself many labels and rights including that of outrage. Moment we peel off one label we encounter another, its like the onion as you peel a skin the next one is there to contend with, only difference it’s not the viewer who has tears in his eyes, it’s the media which is whining while it wipes it’s tears. 

Deficiency of research is a major shortcoming in this article, not just this but maybe he is also unaware Indian media may probably be the only one in the world, which is in a state of conflict with its consumers. Ironic as it may seems it’s a hard fact. Print and Electronic media published comments convenient to them, edited some and totally ignored those which were critical as per the narrow definition of the media houses. This has been happening for over 10years. Blogs and Twitter have provided that section of the society a platform to air their views whose voice had been effectively throttled by the media houses.

Natural corollary is breaking down of the established secure order so enjoyed by all the media and its population. Blog and Twitter have exposed them to a counter narrative which has totally benumbed them all and hence the victim hood is the favored route.

Three individuals that Mr. Overdorf presents as victims are in fact the culprits. Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt and Namita Bhandare are the ultimate ASS no don’t get your heckles up, all it means is “Attention Seeking Syndrome.”  

Lets deal with each of the victims so presented by the author.

Sagarika Ghose who proudly claims to have coined this term Internet Hindu is a typical case of a juvenile mind housed in an adult. How many of us have either experienced this or seen it happen, younger sibling who provokes the elder sibling get a whack in return and goes weeping to momma complaining about the elder sibling. The screen shots will prove that beyond doubt she provokes to attract attention.  These 10 screenshots were available to the author did he confront this so called victim. Why was the Tweet about Lord Ram a Divine Encroacher deleted by her. Lacks of conviction, courage or plain simple mischief making.
If she coins a name its but natural a counter will be there to it and she is the Media Jehadi, who lacks patience and ability to engage in a debate. Twisting Tweets and using fake interviews of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker are some other feathers in her cap. On the basis of this evidence doubt it if she can stake a claim to being a victim, on the contrary she is the Culprit who should have been removed from the organization for her unacceptable conduct. The issue is not just of this individual, but also the channel. She would have been sacked for her indiscretions which are a plenty in any other organization. Here she is protected due to her marital ties. 
Barkha Dutta has a serious problem of credibility ever since her role has been exposed by Radia Tapes. Her belief that public memory is short is just not holding true. Longer she stay higher is the degree of disgust with her. These screen shots will more than establish that she indulges in use of unacceptable language and if she get paid in full measure in return how can she claim to be victim. Inciting others who support her to indulge in abuse is also her way of life on Twitter. Calling those tweeters as guttersnipe who do not agree with her is definitely civil by her standards. Here again the issue is not just individual but the channel also.
Namita Bhandare is some one who had followed me on Twitter sometime last month, at the very outset I had informed her about my disposition towards the so called Journalists and forwarded to her the link to an article which was a rejoinder to her post in Hindustan Time, response was prompt unfollowing by her, not that it made any difference to me. The screen shots are self explanatory need one say who is abusive and who is the victim.
Here again the issue is that the publication and it’s personnel are biased and anti majority.
I have been on Twitter for over two and half years with over 104000 Tweet not one has been abusive or has been deleted because it was unacceptable. I am yet to encounter abusive Tweeters, do not contest the claims that there are abusive tweeters also, one has to deliberately invite them and this is what your so called victims have been indulging in.

Did these individuals present any evidence or their word was enough to classify them as victims. Did they describe what in their scheme of things was Liberalism? How they had the right to be called Liberal? While the only thing liberal about them that comes through is abusive and provocative language and actions.

Mr. Jason Overdorf cannot deny that @Sureshnakhua during the course of the interview with author did provide the evidence collated in the article  “Twitter a case of Fatal attraction or twitter a case of a sting in the tale (not tail)?"  Why it was overlooked is best explained by the man himself?

In conclusion wish a more thorough research had been done before writing the article. Finally as a tweeter 
@barbarindian has aptly stated “Media is a crime scene always take a screen shot.” 

Latest update on 17th Aug 2013
What particularly disturbs me is the way in which sections of the mainstream media and others in positions of power use the worst of what happens online to condemn all that happens online. One manifestation of this is the way in which the word “troll” has been appropriated by sections of the mainstream and redefined.  

Latest update on 27th Nov 2012
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 Latest update on 01st July 2012
I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.

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Ouch that hurt! NDTV.

                         You are Blocked!          
Blocked by NDTV, now this is a unique situation, one can understand a person being blocked by another for being abusive or argumentative. Wonder since when organization have developed sensitivities and how I managed to hurt their finer feeling through my tweets? The other important aspect is that charges are being paid to cable operator for receiving NDTV signals.

What makes NDTV so insecure? Why this paranoia being displayed by NDTV? Has the credibility deficit been transferred from staffer to organization? What will this achieve? Is the channel now caught in a downward spiral? Mistakes inadvertent or deliberate are on the rise, have been duly noted and recorded. The issue will remain and will have to be confronted by the channel, blocking solves nothing.

Last Saturday I was motoring along blissfully on twitter the day had been one of leisurely pace Presidential polls was the all consuming topic, then in the evening there was a this tweet from NDTV. 
 Found this again to be a result of real poor editorial responsibility. Decided to log on to NDTV on twitter and see if more such tweets could be located and to my surprise what do I encounter. Yes what you just read above.
Let’s focus on and place NDTV under the scanner, see what we discover during this process. One of the oldest in the trade is NDTV which has been on the scene for over two decade in the current avatar and before that as Starnews. Most of the senior editors in Electronic media are a product of this channel. However we seem to gravitate towards a select few and have reposed our undying faith in them for honest and unbiased reportage.
Such a surfeit of channel automatically means intense competition for viewership, and a need to carve a niche for them selves to ensure not just retaining the existing viewer, constant accrual in numbers to stay on top of the leader board.

Let’s start by examining what issues NDTV raises regularly? What they mean and how they enhance the viewership for NDTV? Instead of writing about those issues let me post videos on those subjects.


“The Swiss vote in favour of banning the construction of minarets has shocked many in Europe. The Muslim community in France, the biggest in Europe, says it's a humiliation for Muslims living in the continent.”
 “The recent proposal in France to ban wearing burqa has once again raised a continuing question about what freedom exactly means.”
Should we not feel proud of the fact that NDTV is not just raising issue, is actually debating them? Countries involved in both events are located in Europe separated from us by minimum 6000Kms. Both are older democracies than India and if one was to be reminded, its France which gave us these three terms, Equality, Fraternity and Liberty. Ironic that we should even be attempting to preach or pass a judgment on the actions of two sovereign nations. So what that NDTV for us.
 Left Right & Centre: As the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 approaches, we debate: From Opposition to a mosque near Ground Zero, to Quran burning day - is Islamophobia on the rise?
Here is another example of our most seasoned channel bringing to us and telling us how America is behaving and being intolerant. A country, where democracy was being practiced even before, we had attained our Independence. Our brand of secularism should be exported to all these countries.
Amid the unending violence in Kashmir and the BJP's opposition to autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir, NDTV debates Omar Abdullah's tenure as chief minister and the Central Government's approach to the vexed problem. 
 Kashmir has been on the edge over the past two months. Over 60 civilians, mostly youngsters, have been killed and hundreds injured in incidents of incessant stone pelting and police firing. Youngsters of all hues from Kashmir join the debate on NDTV on the way to find peace in the Valley.
Yes this is an important and an emotive issue which has been hanging fire for over six decades and needs to be settled expeditiously. NDTV does bring to us important domestic issue. The big Pakistan debate on the Mumbai attacks.
 Those who wish to see the other 4 parts of the videos may click the link provided.

Here again the expertise and the concern for good neighbourly relationship and also focus on India’s foreign relations is comprehensively being dealt with. This is the advantage of more than two decades of experience that NDTV has.  
Post expose of Radia Tapes this is what transpired on Air in NDTV Studio.
Those who wish to see the other 3 parts of the videos may click the link provided.

"Barkha Dutt tries to defend herself. While I don't feel that the real questions were answered satisfactorily, it was a Bold but useless effort by Barkha Dutt. Main problem for her is that she can't change her pro congress & anti BJP image. That's the main cause people fail to believe her. NDTV is exposed." These are words of the person who uploaded the videos on youtube.
We have to admire this channel for being upfront and unsparing to its own staff and ruthlessly exposing her to a select panel of journalists. The only discordant note that is struck is no alleged accused has ever been permitted to chose the forum, conduct his/her own trial be the judge and pronounce the judgment as well. Guess surprises never cease and there is always a first time for all things in life.
Ever since this incident, NDTV’s relationship with its viewers has not been the same. The basis of this relationship like all others is Trust, takes years to build seconds to destruct. This is not all Barkha Dutt has also faced protests at India Gate in New Delhi when she attempted to host some kind of a show. Public anger has not subsided towards her rather it has also enveloped the channel. 
 Barkha - Now You Must Resign: The Buck Stops Here
NDTV Barkha Dutt was holding a debate on the news channel. The issue was corruption where she was asking eminent persons if they would resign in face of allegations of corruption against them. Watch the video where in the 40th minute Swami Agnivesh asks her what would be her position on the issue. Barkha has been accused of political leanings in the multi-crore 2G scam.
This is one question which still bothers most of us, why has the person in question continued to be in service of this channel?  When other named in the same Radia tapes were dealt with differently than her. Credibility of the news channel is a very important factor once that is damaged there is very little that remains. The person and the channel may exist, what good is that existence when everyone looks at you with suspicion?
Freedom of Speech: How far can we go?
The Big Fight: India is a democratic country and we do have a right to freedom of speech. But what are its restrictions. We debate.
This is what any self respecting channel should always be striving for that is protecting and propagating our Freedom of Speech and Expression. Are we not really blessed that we have NDTV to do this for us? It’s been the vanguard for protecting our fundamental rights as bestowed by the Constitution of India.
The only problem in this simple equation is what NDTV preaches so vociferously, demands with utmost vehemence, does not afford to others the same freedom of speech and expression. 
I have lodged an official complaint with the channel and have also sent an e-mail to Dr. Prannoy Roy seeking his intervention to inform me the reasons/justification for this illegal censorship and denial of my fundamental rights. 
From: anil kohli To: Prannoy Roy Sent: Monday, 18 June 2012 10:01 PM Subject: Re : Your channel's @ndtv blocked me on twitter.
Dear Dr. Prannoy.Roy,
I hope all is well at your end.
Have been following you for a very very long time and have always admired the work done by you and your team starting from The world This Week programme to the current avatar NDTV.
You have always stayed steadfast in your support for Free Speech and Expression. It's indeed commendable, when most others would have ejected the staffer for alleged unethical professional conduct, you afforded an opportunity to your staffer to present the other side of the story, before a select panel of journalists. That of course is another matter the defendant was also the presiding officer and verdict pronounced by self was "Error of Judgment".
The important point is that you supported the right to Free speech & expression as bestowed on all Indians by the Constitution of India. Then why is the same right not been extended to me? Why has your channel NDTV blocked me on Twitter? After all I do pay the cable operator charges for receiving NDTV. Official complaint filed via feedback to NDTV.
Does this act  not tantamount to unauthorized censorship?
I am sure you would support me, when I wish to express my opinion on any matter or news that your channel broadcasts, NDTV's presence on Twitter is to get feedback from viewers to enhance the quality of your product.
No I am not in any way asking you to intervene and have this undone, believe me there is nothing missing in my existence with the current situation vis a vis NDTV. 
The only purpose is to apprise you of what is happening and the intolerance being practiced by some one in your esteemed channel. Wish you could revert with reasons/ justifications for this unacceptable act. Maybe I am being too optimistic in expecting a response from you, any way I still remain hopeful that you will respond.
This e-mail will also be posted on my blog so that millions of others who feel strongly about freedom of speech and expression can read about this and record their view. The same views will continue to be forwarded to you without any editing. Sincerely Anil Kohli P.S. Screen shots attached
It is incomprehensible a channel with over 20years of existence lack the courage to face truth, instead resorts to indiscriminate censorship by blocking those who express honest views and expose their mistakes.
Let me conclude this article with firm commitment to all those who do record their views on this article the same will be forwarded without editing to Dr. Prannoy Roy of NDTV. So that he may continue to strive and protect our right to free speech and expression    
Latest update as on 20thJuly 2012
NDTV exhibiting pathological hatred towards Mr. Narendra Modi and Gujarat for no apparent reason. Twisting news to create an impression that a planned travel to Japan is a result of violence at Suzuki plant in Haryana. This is not just unacceptable it is disgraceful.
Latest update on 23rd Sept 2012
 Info provided by @barbarindian  Check out NDTV secular filter:  TOI:  Hindu:

 Coimbatore: A young man murdered his girlfriend by setting her on fire in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu after her parents refused to give their consent for the duo's marriage. NDTV
 COIMBATORE: A 21-year-old youth, jilted by love, killed himself on Saturday evening after stabbing his classmate to death and burning her body using kerosene. The victim's 48-year-old mother, Latha Menon, is now battling for life at a private hospital after sustaining more than nine stab injuries when she tried to protect her daughter. The incident occurred at Thoppil Nagar, a residential area in Vadavally on the Coimbatore-Maruthamalai Road. TOI
A 21-year-old management student of a city college murdered his classmate, stabbed her mother and immolated himself at her residence at Thoppil Nagar in Vadavalli on Saturday evening. Hindu:

Latest update on 26th Sept 2012
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When Horizontal became a new Vertical for Times Now......

Kangaroo Court is a term we have heard many a times before, lately it is being used with greater frequency. Doubt if we have ever seen one function anywhere other than our Television sets. Outstanding performer of this is Justice Doornob Gussami of TimesNow @TheNewshour Monday through Friday 9PM.  Let's move on and see for ourselves what this is all about.
 About two years back one evening before getting up from the computer I tweeted “All Rise Court of Arnab Goswami is in session now.” Little realizing, this would become a standard callsign and lead us to this article. 

Many friends by now were claiming that Timesnow was not being honest in broadcasting news and I would tell them “no he is trying to balance the debate and the show.” Resisted this till, I could put forth no more convincing arguments. Finally had to agree with them and give up watching Timesnow, after I was convinced that it no longer presented the news in an unbiased manner. Watching news used to be a serious but sober and sedate affair, today what is presented as debate to us makes even the fish market seem like a morgue.  

Yes I have returned to listening to Timesnow, this is with an intention of challenging and exposing this channel and Mr. Arnab Goswami for their hypocrisy and falsehood of being unbiased.

This is not a baseless claim, nor a fashion statement of media bashing. I am going to place before all of you videos from Timesnow on various issues and will leave it to you to judge for yourself, if what is stated by me is indeed correct? Surely many of you must have heard, “Nation wants to know?”,  “Nation is asking.”, “Don’t politicize the issue.”, “India First.”, “Your Channel”, "Exclusive and Timesnow is the 1st Channel to access this.” These clich├ęs have left many wondering what exactly do they mean and what should a political party do? Further how should we as viewers react when we are convinced its deceit of the highest order being practiced by the anchor and channel?

Arnab at every opportunity has tried to use 6years of NDA government as a detergent for washing the sins of Congress. If it was 2G then it was B.S. Yeddurappa, if it was CWG then also it was Yeddurappa, if it was Adarsh then also the same antidote. There are endless examples which can be placed before the readers of this article to help them reach their decision.

Please do watch these videos with care CWG is all about Kalmadi, Kalmadi & Kalmadi. He was only one part of the story and not the complete story.


CWG also reported colossal corruption in building and upgrading stadia which were under various other individual. Shunglu report, Lokayukt report and CAG indicted Chief Minister of Delhi. Do watch how Times now handled this.



Now please watch how Timesnow treats a lokayukt report on mining involving B.S Yeddurappa

           2G scam.                 
 Goa mining scam.
Other means employed are not permitting BJP spokesperson to complete their point. Speak along while BJP spokespersons are making their statement. Start all so called debate by questioning BJP as if it was the party whose government was in office. Demanding BJP to support Congress government as a national duty, but not question the Congress government for their failings. Arnab Goswami has even tried to reinvent civic by declaring opposition parties to be second class citizens of India. Mandate to govern is with the party in majority in Lok Sabha, mandate of the party in opposition is to ensure that Government is alert and awake or the rug be pulled from under its feet. Arnab Goswami believes this is unfair as opposition is slave to the party in majority. This channel and its horde of breathless reporters will relentlessly pursue the top rung personnel of all political parties except Congress; one can actually hear their knees knock when name of Sonia Gandhi is mentioned. Has this person or the channel ever conducted a free wheeling interview with this individual who is president of Congress for over a decade and a half? The answer is NO. 

Here is further evidence of what has been stated in this article.

Home Minister has his petition in election case dismissed by the High Court 29 charges in all have been leveled against the Home Minister 2 were dismissed 27 upheld. Timesnow only focus is on the 2 dismissed and not 27 that were upheld. Also questions BJP on their track record. Was it needed?

The day long breathless reporting, incessant repeats, breaking news culminate into a grand finale at 9PM Monday thru Friday with The Newshour which is less of a news bulletin more of an inquisition by the anchor, who speaks along with the spokesperson of BJP should the line of response not match with the anchor’s need. Constant interruptions, counter questions rather than moderating the show is par for the course,at the end of it all we are left wonder what was the purpose and what was achieved by watching this “The News Hour”
We all remember the noise and hype that was created by Times Now when this murder was reported. With out waiting for investigations serious charges were leveled against state government. Watch the videos.



An alleged member of the sand mafia crushed a police constable to death under a dumper loaded with sand at a “nakka” near the Palla police post in the wee hours today. This happened in Haryana on 11th June { Link } - Cop crushed under sand Mafia dumper in faridabad Did we hear any noise from Timesnow on this?

The screen shots speak for themselves.

Before I conclude this post please do watch these videos of the so called debate on Thenewshour to all the aspiring and existing newscaster, if you are convinced that this is how news should be broadcast and is in the best interest of the consumer then do emulate the channel and the man. Let me assure you just as we can predict the topic and line of thinking for the two of them. Same fate awaits those of you who do follow in his foot step.

This is not all that this channel does it also puts out distorted news. 

The National Investigating Agency (NIA) brought up the remark in apex court and Supreme Court judges called the statement 'unnecessary'.The apex court said such remarks should not be made as they are derogatory.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching this

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