Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Congress Party has fought wars against Pakistan and won too Ragini Nayak

This is the Picture of the day. A man showing the middle finger is frowned upon a woman from a political doing it on Air during Prime Time transmission. TMC seem to be firmly in the grip of strong gravitational pull which is taking it down faster than the speed of sound. Corruption and presence of BJP government at the center is causing serious insecurity to all political parties in India.

India Coast Guards have neutralized the threat posed by the lone boat before it could come within striking distance of India and inflict damage. This success has unsettled Congress and many others in media who are loyal to Congress.

Congress has politicized this anti terror action by the BJP government. 

The real story is not the success, but the negative reportage and ludicrous claims made by Congress spokesperson. 

Congress needs to explain to the nation which wars has Congress fought against Pakistan and won. All the wars so far have been fought by the men/women in uniform. Those martyrs have even been forgotten by Congress. No Minister or member of Congress party was present at the funeral of Field Marshal Manekshaw. 

Channels like NDTV and self professed security experts continue to raise extraneous questions sans evidence, mere opinions are being bandied about, on the basis of which aspersions have been cast on this highly sensitive anti terror action. Public would have countenanced this undesirable activity by these motivated entities and individuals if only they had present any concrete evidence in support of their negative discourse.

Praveen Swami has been thoroughly exposed on Social Media, maturity of this man matches his knowledge of security issues. Both are near non existent a few words & clich├ęd jargon does not make a security expert. He should have gracefully acknowledged a mistake made and withdrawn, but no he instead has taken to personal attacks on individuals whom he has not blocked on Twitter.

These are the other issues of the day that complete the story of 05th Jan 2015.