Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do we have it in us??

This is in response to "Take the battle into the enemy’s camp" by Vir Sanghvi in Hindustan Times dated Feb 23rd 2010.

Vir Sanghvi, Congratulation, you indeed have broken the mould, while majority from your profession are still advocating jawing as a viable means to overcoming a serious issue of terrorism.

The four scenarios put forward by you are absolutely valid and do not need any extra grey cells in any of us to accept these. Yes the willingness of Pakistan is an established fact known to one and all in this country.

I wish during the course of your conversation with the Prime Minister you would have reminded him that Morality is not a seasonal fruit that is available in a fixed time frame or a migratory bird which visits India and its political setup on any predetermined date. If morality was to be the bench mark of Indian government then it has failed miserably on this score. Selective use of this idiom in case of tackling terror will cause more destruction.

While a lot of Indians are going to focus on what is written by you and shall ignore the implicit message that is contained in this article. Open armed conflict with Pakistan on the issue of terror is a given it is only a matter of time and the events leading to it.

26/11 is a paradigm shift in how India is going to be challenged by the terrorists with active support from our neighbour, let us not delude ourselves any more. The level and intensity in terms of targets, causalities and prominence of the complex(s) and individuals is what will determine our response to such an event.

India must reflect in all seriousness, do we want an endless number of Indians as victims of terror, do we want to be a nation with a large number of War Widows and Orphans, or sacrifice a small number in covert actions. We are going to lose a number of Indians in this effort of containing terrorism in this country.

Is it not a better option to have trained men and women engage terrorist outside the geographical boundaries of India, rather than on our own soil. Interdiction is an acceptable option as against retribution of which we seem to be absolutely incapable due lack of political will.

India wants peace great! India does not war fantastic! India must act and create the environment for both of these desires to fructify, not by seeking assistance or merely basing it on hope! India must initiate positive action and now! Not learning from history is a sure recipe for disaster waiting to revisit us.

This is not war mongering, this is accepting and facing the challenges that our neighbour has been throwing at us for the last 3 decades or so. The time is upon us to counter this comprehensively and decisively.

Why would a journalist seek refuge and retribution from the laws of the land?

This is in response to a blog by Mr. Vir Sanghvi in Hindustan Times date July 27th 2010. "Defamations and redressals"

Mr. Sanghvi. Is unnerved, the overwhelming negative response that he receives on most occasions. This blog is the outcome of that, he wants retributions, however cannot term most negative comments as defamatory.

There are two aspects to this blog.

1. The essence or the soul. The deep seated part!

2. The printed word or the body. The superficial part!

It would be convenient to focus on the printed part express myself and move on, but that would not really do justice to what the author is attempting to say. So let us begin by addressing the first part, the essence and soul.

Mr. Sanghvi is feeling vulnerable and is unable to state so in clear terms. The monopoly of taking potshots at others over a long period of time emboldened him, he graduated to ambushes, and later to mounting all out attacks on anyone that he wished, or as commissioned by the political paymaster. A fair number of journalists made common cause and banded together into groups as Mercenaries. Their services were available to a select group willing to pay the demanded price. All this was being done from a very secure and impregnable fortress. The targeted individual was unable to strike back ; protest letter s to the Editor were summarily dismissed for want of evidence or on the basis of Freedom of Speech and Expression and at times as Journalistic creative composition. Appearance on Electronic media utterance and disparaging remarks made on other went unchallenged due to common reasons.

Spread of net and advent of Blogs now enable the aggrieved party to rebut often level counter allegations. Blogging has enabled the independent objective observer to register his protest! The game plan is all too apparent, he has jumped into the fray to correct the imbalance which individuals like Vir Sanghvi enjoyed previously.

Moderators were introduced on the web sites and Blogs ostensibly to filter offensive and objectionable post, the real purpose was to control contrarian views. Initially the positive posts were extensively used as testimonials; which was good for the business, over a period of time negative reactions from the public increased manifold, though successfully kept at bay on his web site or his Blog; has failed to instill that sense of security and immunity which was originally there. When the negative reactions are higher the payments will not be made since the desired results have not been achieved. The paymasters do not tolerate failures and this would lead to redundancy.

We thought we were up against a man who had it in him to take as good as he gave, unfortunately the turning of the tide has made him to scream in a very loud voice Defamation, Redressal and demands retribution.

Now incase these comments do not appear on this blog I am free to publish this on any site which offer free blog services. The reach of net + blog should not be subject to censorship.