Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chief minister or chief disruptor????heil kejriwal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the president of India says democracy should comprise of three D debate, dissent and decision, not the fourth D disruption.kejriwal has nothing to do with the three Ds is all about disruption, few have got into politics with such a tearing hurry as arvind kejriwal, this man has already used discarded many along the way to reach this far, has no compunctions in employing ways means and people as long as he gets what he wants, or starts bawling like a spoilt brat in a public place to embarrass his parents.in the previous stint as chief minister of delhi he had launched public protest to protect his minister som nath bharti and have the police officers suspended who refused to follow illegal orders of this minister. disrupting republic day celebrations was a threat which he had held out to the union govt of congress at that point of time, ultimately he did desert the post he was holding.
when thetime came for fresh elections to delhi aaembly the number of baseless aalegation he leveled against bjp are unprecedented.on conclusion of election when the truth was revealed. what this person had been indulging in is what he had aclleged about bjp. disrupting an election process destroying public faith in the political system is his stated goal.
such is the arrogance of this man, refused to sign a bail bond and insisted court release him without the bond on bail.this did not happen , he has no respect for the law of the land, wheb sent to judicial custody for refusing to furnish the bail bond again baseless allegation against one and all were made by him.  

Lallu was the one who coined and used the term political conspiracy to explain away all charges of non performance, kejriwal has left him way behind. Congress is seen as a saint in comparison to the dreams this man has been selling deployed secularism to practice crass communal politics of the worst kind. which father would expose and encourage own daughter to commit a crime. this man did it so that he can get publicity.
he feels people will forget him since has no achievements other than losing security deposit on 418 of 432 seats contested in gen elections.people suspect this man and his party were responsible 
for a crime of murder “gajendra singh” we are certain whatever he claims absolutely nothing can be accepted. Powerlust drives this man even the current impass with L.G. is a result of his lack of respect forthe constitution of India. he did not salute the flag of India bcoz he has no respect for it.                               

The stink that this man and his party has raised is unacceptable to the people of this country. We need to ensure this party and man’s political demise before irreparable damage is caused to the system  and institutions.

Don’t think anyone has forgotten how he hijacked India Against Corruption Movement and had managed to create conditions which could have lead to death of  anna hazare and widespread violent protestthere after, was it not for the sagacity and timely intervention of mr. l.k.advani which prevented the situation from getting out off hand.

Indians need to ask themselves this question. Do we require a person like arvind kejriwal in politics, what has he added to the politics, has he and his party done anything to benefit  INDIANS, DO THEY HAVE A BLUEPRINT? What is their stated goal? What and how will they deliver to the people? Has anyone seen any positive sign in this man and his paerty. This pack of thugs is all about negativity on all counts.