Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr.Jug Suriaya new salesman in town


Must confess I have always enjoyed reading articles & blogs by Jug Suriaya, this article NaMo vs Manmohan  by Jug Suraiya May 25, 2011 has come as a bolt from the blue. Many who had set shop and made it a source of livelihood by targeting Narendra Modi since 2002 have failed; laws of economics have established this to be an enterprise with diminishing returns, then why has Jug Suriaya opened his shop at such a late stage?

What are the compulsions for Mr.Jug Suriaya to veer off course and venture into territory that has claimed so many from his profession?  What has driven him to this conclusion of ‘Two men, two ideas of India’?

Why has he embarked upon a comparison between a patently Non Performing Asset of India that is Dr. Manmohan Singh and an Icon of achievements Mr. Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat. Anyone who has followed the media since 2002 until now cannot miss the fact that media both print & electronic have singularly failed in achieving their goal. Narendra Modi still stand tall in this country and the people of this country have not brought into the idea of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Narendra Modi since 2002 has been vilified like none before, media has tried to sell Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to us since 2004, like no other Prime Minister has ever been in the past. 

Permit me to debunk other two claims made here  “The Gujarat CM is arguably by far the most controversial politician in India” This is what the media wants us to believe people in this country are yet to come across statements that would substantiate this claim of Mr. Jug Suriaya and fellow professionals in media. 

“Among his many admirers he enjoys a devotional status generally accorded to miracle-working godmen.” The angst of the people is with media, are not necessarily supporters of Narendra Modi. What is galling is that 9 long years no credible evidence has been presented before any court of law on the basis of which he can be prosecuted. Yet he has been called variously by different individual as “mass murderer” Ignoring 1984 Delhi massacre of innocent Indians and the Bhopal gas tragedy which should have earned this infamous sobriquet for those who headed the government at the center & in Madhaya Pradesh. 

Conversely none are willing to buy anymore the argument that Dr. Manmohan Singh is Mr. Clean reincarnate with all the scam that have unfolded under his watch. Both may turnout to be guilty of acts of omission rather than commission, this can only be established in a court of law. Not in a blog, media or a TV studio.

The subject is NaMo vs Manmohan It is given fact that both gentlemen do not interact much with media. This debate is best settled by placing the few rare videos of the two protagonists for the readers to asses for themselves the value they bring on board and their respective performances, words may not convey what these videos would.

NaMo: Videos.


Dr. Manmohan Singh Videos:

Finally doubt it very much if we would find many Indians who would state that “they are ashamed of being Indian.” Yes we may have hung our heads in shame for many an avoidable unfortunate incident in our country. Ashamed of being an Indian? No never. There is but one idea of India.

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.