Sunday, August 16, 2015


NEVER IN THE Annals of Human History  has anyone ever done what chief minister of Delhi Arvind kejriwal did, last morning on the occasion of 69th Independence Day celebrations.

This megalomaniac has surpassed all tinpot dictators of the world, he has left behind even the likes of mayawati who erected statues of her self in Uttar Pradesh. The state where she was the chief Minister not too long ago. For a newbee Arvind Kejriwal, surely has a plan well drawn out how to project  himself.

This opportunist jumps in where ever he can score political brownie points. Has no clue about governance, yet continues to make promises, which gullible people of delhi swallow and vote him back to power with higher number of seats. Why blame a megalomaniac when the people who have the power to reject, refuse to exercise their power.   

There was outrage on twitter moment it became public, what arvind had done, however reaction from Media was disappointing, infact adityarajkaul of Timesnow justified his action by quoting similar action of Sheila dixit and Najeeb Jung. 

What shud have attracted instant condemnation from Media was being defended, probably for an agreed price. This is not beyond realm of possibility, Media in India is corrupt to core & will defend the indefensible for the right price. Putting out pictures in defence of arvind kejriwal was too gross an act on part of adityarajkaul of Timesnow.

Arvind Kejriwal is definitely not in politics for public service or good, he is here to live a life of luxury at the expense off taxpayers of this country. God forbid the day he manages to win an election in some state other than delhi, that surely shall be converted to arvindland with everything bearing his name.

Time for Indians to wake up reject  and eject this megalomaniac before he cause untold damage to this country and it’s people. Public faith in political mass movements has suffered a very serious blow from which it may never recover, this credit goes to Arvind Kejriwal.