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All done and sealed in 90minutes every evening by the only Kangaroo court in India!!!!!!

Last morning Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN IBN was early on Twitter which is abnormal, Tweeted about this at 9.48AM soon he was followed by Sagarika Ghose and then came Pallavi Ghose with her profound Tweet on BJP and Nitin Gadkari. 
Expectedly jigsaw pieces started to fall in place and the picture began to emerge. This 
cacophony about Nitin Gadkari's scam and corruption started by Anjali Damania picked up by Arvind Kejriwal had become TV favorite NDTV had done some programme on it. 
However by early evening 5.07PM Pallavi Ghose again Tweeted, diametrically opposite 
to what she had stated in the morning. 

It was therefore safe to assume channel had been instructed by political paymasters to ease off on Nitin Gadkari lest the boomerang effect claims some unsuspecting and 
important functionary from their stable. 

The story does not end here, the interesting part was to follow at 9PM, yes where else 
but the noisiest, most abrasive and of course least logical of all channels you guessed it right Timesnow. Lynch mob was there Kangaroo court with the attendent jury, hysterical, prosecutor, judge and executioner in the shape and form of Arnab Goswami. 
Watching Arnab Goswami's Evangelic zeal against corruption one cannot blame those who may think that Thenewshour is not about NEWS but about judging and convicting 
the corrupt and scamsters. The minor shortcoming one does detects, there is no scope for a plea of Non Guilty. Justice is instant, verdict is predetermined, facts and evidence 
are not required. The accused should not belong to Congress party. 

Those who would like a repeat dose of this so called Thenewshour may click on the 
links below for Video.

I wonder if people still recall when this channel and this hysterical anchor targeted B.S. 
Yedduruppa democratically elected Chief Minister of State of Karnataka who was 
hounded while on vacation in Mauritius. The said Chief Minister was made to resign 
because of witch hunt launched by this channel and anchor. All charges leveled against 
BSY are failing the test of Law. Then there was the so called Porngate in Karnataka. An 
IPS officer killed in Madhaya Pradesh this anchor and channel again went ballistic, only 
to find out it was a case of accident more than a premeditated murder.

If this was not sufficient, this channel without investigating went overboard yet again 
involving Madhaya Pradesh in a case of Stayagrah that was not.

This is not all, the list is long in case of Gujarat, and it's Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi the very mention of this name, make this channel salivate at the prospect of high TRPs 
to ensure that it gathers together all the rabid anti-Modi individuals who can rant 
endlessly for hours if not days.

Let us revert back to present case of Mr. Nitin Gadkari, this manically hysterical anchor 
(don't know if he should be called an anchor) gathered a set of people including Anajali 
Damania who herself stand accused of wrong doing, but that is immaterial for his 
crusade to nail Gadkari. Phrase repeatedly used was "Packup Time for Gadkari" when 
Mr. K.G Suresh attempts to bring the issue into proper perspective by asking for a probe be conducted, Arnab summarily dismisses that as unacceptable, when the same point 
is made by Mr. Majid Memon again the response from Arnab is one of disbelief. His 
cameramen have been to some locations a few pictures are flashed across TV screen 
in his estimate that is enough evidence to hang Gadkari for his crime of corruption.

Now let look at the way, he and his channel have handled the scams of unprecedented 
scale which involve such humongous sums that we do not even know the number of 
Zeros needed to reach there. What has this channel uncovered in the last 3years other 
than Queen's baton relay in which some overcharging and authorized payments were 
made by Suresh Kalmadi. Yes this channel went after him with the same zeal, that was more on account of not being awarded any contract for CWG than anything else.

Arnab and Timesnow have not shown any interest in following through in the CWG 
scam which involved Rs 80,000crores. Kalmadi was not the only one involved, yet this 
channel did not ever demand or make an expose against those who were involved. We did not hear "Pack up time" for any Minister or CM of Delhi. Similarly take the case of 2G there has been no expose nor the phrase "Pack up time for so and so". Coal scam no 
expose by this channel other than on Subodh Kant Sahay but we still did not hear "Pack up time for so and so."

There are many other instances, where this anchor and his channel are busy pretending allz well when Congress is involved. This post would be incomplete without any refence to the common ploy used by this anchor, to dilute and divert attention, when ever 
Congress is on a sticky wicket. He is a virtual archive digger, despite knowing fully well 
that inflation figure of 10years ago are not going mitigate the current price rise, yet he 
does bring those out so that the escape hatch for Congress is opened. He invariably 
employs 19982004 soap bar to wash away the stains of Congress corruption. Ah 1998-2004 is the time when NDA had formed the government at the center. So every misdeed of Congress, is canceled by a similar deed from that period without forgetting to remind us Two wrongs don't make a right. Yet he does it evening after evening. If in case he 
can't find 19982004 soap bar then he does have the liberty of using 2002 Gujarat riots 
cottage industry to justify. 

In conclusion he does rub salt into our wound by claiming "Your Channel" excuse me if itwas my channel I would either eject you or close down this so called news channel and not even miss it.

This Article appread today in DNA.

Similarly this set of Tweets should also make you think.

Click the link to read Mishraji's tweets on Nitin Gadkari


Latest update on 08th Dec 2012 

NEW DELHI: A former chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation has contested 
 Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati's allegation that the NDA government had misused the agency to put pressure on her. 
Former CBI director Uma Shankar Mishra told ET on Friday that there was no pressure from the then government to pursue cases filed against Mayawati between 
2003 and 2005 and that it had acted on the orders of the Supreme Court.{ LINK }  

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Amateur's encounter with the media upclose

Have been observing media with a very keen interest for over a decade, though began 
actively voicing my concerns and writing critical articles post 26th November 2008, 
which I would consider as the personal inflection point.

Since then have also been very active on Twitter with over 1,25,000tweets to my credit, primarily focused on Media, News and the Political events on a daily basis. 
Have met many interesting people, have networked with some very well informed and 
articulate individuals, unfortunately interaction with Media celebrities has been rather 
limited and forgettable barring a few exceptions.

Thanks to Mr. A.S. Raghunath who arranged for me to be part of an event on media on 
the 4th and 5th of Oct 2012 called TV.NXT 2012 organized by afaqs. Must confess it has helped me understand the industry some what better and the challenges that it faces in near, medium and long term.

Some of the segments of this event have been etched in my memory which would be 
hard to erase, the well informed and well moderated debates/discussion unlike our daily fare on Television. As a consumer of media we are not privy to much of the information, 
trials and tribulation the industry faces as a whole and across specific segments.
Let me now indulge in placing in a chronological order the highlight which have left an 
indelible mark with me personally.

"darr ke aage jeet hai" tag line is for a soft drink. 

True claimant for this is Mr. Subhash Chandra the man who took the initial risk 
and has survived to tell his story 2decades down the line. His humility is evident 
and clarity of thought is remarkable. His keynote address will easily rate as one of the 

The next most riveting session was with Mr. Anurag Kashyap, not because he is a 
celebrity or from the film land. The clarity of thought and the creativity that seems to be 
straining to explode, really wish this man gets the space to produce what he wants, 
sans restrictions. Would be treat for all to experience what he can churn out.

After this there was a session of discussion hosted by Ms.Vinita Kohli Khandekar Shabir Mominof ZengaTV ,Hiren Gada of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. and Sandeep Dahiya of Viacom 18. This opened a new horizon for me as a consumer, the possibilities that 
exist and can be exploited.

As we approached the end of the event, there were two items of maximum interest to 
me as a consumer both related to News.

Mr. Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express to speak on "An editor's view of news on television"
In the course of the talk that Mr. Gupta as the senior most editor delivered, he was 
critical of the Electronic media and all the existing channels with the sole exception of 
one. This he reiterated not once but twice. He also referred to the word "Conscience" 
twice. He alluded to "Paid News" in electronic and print, surfeit of scams in the TV news,need for editors in control of the content on TV channels, lamented the fact that the 
current trend of editors in all channel were star anchors of those. He spoke on cash for 
vote and was pleasantly surprised that he believed wrong people had been arrested as 
the channel had exposed their source. Now that is news for me, have not read any 
article or editorial to this effect from Mr. Shekhar Gupta
Mr. Gupta also touched briefly upon the story that he did on Troop Movement and how it had spooked the government. Could not pose question to him on this since there was 
no time slot kept. How a Journalist had tweeted adversely about the story, without 
checking on the facts with Mr. Shekhar Gupta himself. 

He also alluded to the fact how politicians were getting into the business of media and 
the recent sale of one News channels. Here again why cast aspersion on the politician 
alone, he must have had some expert guidance from one of the media insiders and the close relationships that are being maintained by media personnel.

Lastly he touched upon the recent Hon Supreme Court observations/ judgment and wasvisibly unhappy about the possibility of curbs being imposed or an external regulator 
being appointed. Here I wish to ask the gentleman why was he and his publication silent when the government of India without verifying and providing evidence blocked accounts on Twitter, where was his zeal for Freedom of speech and Expression? Why is it what he demands for himself and Media, does not wish the ordinary citizen of India to enjoy?

Finally we reached the last item of the event this was a discussion session moderated 
by Mr. Paritosh Joshi and the participants were Sam Balsara, Madison WorldAvinash 
Kaul, Times Television NetworkPreet Dhupar, BBCVikramaditya Chandra
NDTV Group G Krishnan TV Today NetworkArun Poddar  Media Network & Distribution (INDIA) Limited.

Post the opening remarks Mr. Vikramaditya Chandra was the first participant to speak he was most definitely agitated that his channel was not getting the kind of advrt revenue 
that in his opinion should be theirs by right, TRPs was flawed parameter to follow, he 
claimed his channel had registered 2billion minutes on the internet. 

The CEO is welcome to monetize it on the platform which was generating that quantum of traffic, extrapolation on to the other platform would not be possible. Mr CEO will also have to understand that the entire industry is being judged by the same agency 
and this grouse does not wash.
Without going into what other panel member said during the course of the discussion I 
shall not mention here but get straight to the point. I then posed a question to Mr.
Vikramaditya Chandra post Nira Radiia Tapes ethics of the organization had also come 
into play. Instantly a defensive posture was obtained. Response "the person concerned was not present to defend and also this was not the forum for this question." 

However the identical twin in the form of Mr. Shekhar Gupta said he would like to 
address the issue and answer the question. My point was simple if ethics of content and business practice come into play viewership would suffer.

This is the precise reaction that makes most of us wonder if News media is a Mafia in 
operation, where Omerta is the unwritten operative code. Things can only change the day "Crows start to feast on crow meat until then it's all in a Hamam. "

Mr. Gupta on his part tried to explain there was no ethical impropriety committed by the 
staffer of that channel. However in my opinion the question remains as per me the 
impropriety was committed and not been dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Inconclusion, this indeed was an experience to cherish, and also must compliment the 
organizers for a job well done, complete professional conduct barely a glitch to cause 
any embarrassment. Though would wish to see consumers of the media also being 
invited to participate in this event in future could add value, after all the target of all the 
participants is that passive consumer, would it not make it more meaningful if his views were also incorporated. Do not know if this would be considered for future events by the organizers.

Examples of the Tweets about NDTV and it's staffer.

 Credit: Photo sourced from Afaqs article.

Updated on 13th Oct 2012

Updated on 10th Oct 2012

This tweet is an befitting response to Mr. Shekhar Gupta who claims journalists speak to many people. 
There was nothing inappropriate about the conversation between Nira Radia & B.Dutt of NDTV. 

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'Internet Hindus' Culprits or Victims???

It is a real achievement to get a fairly apolitical neo-Platonist who cares more about the Roman Empire than any present political entity to be annoyed about the spate of articles about “internet Hindus,” “trolls,” and the “Right wing.” But first, it was that Raman piece about NaMo and his trolls, and then a piece in the Hindustan Times, and now Global Post’s latest article, Meet the Internet Hindus.” To be fair, this third piece is describing the phenomenon, and is far more objective than most twitter comments or the other two articles. In any case, let me make a few points clear to you moderns:  “Just for the Record”  Has more than fittingly dealt with this article by Mr. Jason Overdorf.

My take on this article is lacking on three counts 1.) Research 2.) Victims presented are the actual culprits  3.) Evidence presented has been ignored. 

Media in India is largely left leaning and has arrogated to itself many labels and rights including that of outrage. Moment we peel off one label we encounter another, its like the onion as you peel a skin the next one is there to contend with, only difference it’s not the viewer who has tears in his eyes, it’s the media which is whining while it wipes it’s tears. 

Deficiency of research is a major shortcoming in this article, not just this but maybe he is also unaware Indian media may probably be the only one in the world, which is in a state of conflict with its consumers. Ironic as it may seems it’s a hard fact. Print and Electronic media published comments convenient to them, edited some and totally ignored those which were critical as per the narrow definition of the media houses. This has been happening for over 10years. Blogs and Twitter have provided that section of the society a platform to air their views whose voice had been effectively throttled by the media houses.

Natural corollary is breaking down of the established secure order so enjoyed by all the media and its population. Blog and Twitter have exposed them to a counter narrative which has totally benumbed them all and hence the victim hood is the favored route.

Three individuals that Mr. Overdorf presents as victims are in fact the culprits. Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt and Namita Bhandare are the ultimate ASS no don’t get your heckles up, all it means is “Attention Seeking Syndrome.”  

Lets deal with each of the victims so presented by the author.

Sagarika Ghose who proudly claims to have coined this term Internet Hindu is a typical case of a juvenile mind housed in an adult. How many of us have either experienced this or seen it happen, younger sibling who provokes the elder sibling get a whack in return and goes weeping to momma complaining about the elder sibling. The screen shots will prove that beyond doubt she provokes to attract attention.  These 10 screenshots were available to the author did he confront this so called victim. Why was the Tweet about Lord Ram a Divine Encroacher deleted by her. Lacks of conviction, courage or plain simple mischief making.
If she coins a name its but natural a counter will be there to it and she is the Media Jehadi, who lacks patience and ability to engage in a debate. Twisting Tweets and using fake interviews of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker are some other feathers in her cap. On the basis of this evidence doubt it if she can stake a claim to being a victim, on the contrary she is the Culprit who should have been removed from the organization for her unacceptable conduct. The issue is not just of this individual, but also the channel. She would have been sacked for her indiscretions which are a plenty in any other organization. Here she is protected due to her marital ties. 
Barkha Dutta has a serious problem of credibility ever since her role has been exposed by Radia Tapes. Her belief that public memory is short is just not holding true. Longer she stay higher is the degree of disgust with her. These screen shots will more than establish that she indulges in use of unacceptable language and if she get paid in full measure in return how can she claim to be victim. Inciting others who support her to indulge in abuse is also her way of life on Twitter. Calling those tweeters as guttersnipe who do not agree with her is definitely civil by her standards. Here again the issue is not just individual but the channel also.
Namita Bhandare is some one who had followed me on Twitter sometime last month, at the very outset I had informed her about my disposition towards the so called Journalists and forwarded to her the link to an article which was a rejoinder to her post in Hindustan Time, response was prompt unfollowing by her, not that it made any difference to me. The screen shots are self explanatory need one say who is abusive and who is the victim.
Here again the issue is that the publication and it’s personnel are biased and anti majority.
I have been on Twitter for over two and half years with over 104000 Tweet not one has been abusive or has been deleted because it was unacceptable. I am yet to encounter abusive Tweeters, do not contest the claims that there are abusive tweeters also, one has to deliberately invite them and this is what your so called victims have been indulging in.

Did these individuals present any evidence or their word was enough to classify them as victims. Did they describe what in their scheme of things was Liberalism? How they had the right to be called Liberal? While the only thing liberal about them that comes through is abusive and provocative language and actions.

Mr. Jason Overdorf cannot deny that @Sureshnakhua during the course of the interview with author did provide the evidence collated in the article  “Twitter a case of Fatal attraction or twitter a case of a sting in the tale (not tail)?"  Why it was overlooked is best explained by the man himself?

In conclusion wish a more thorough research had been done before writing the article. Finally as a tweeter 
@barbarindian has aptly stated “Media is a crime scene always take a screen shot.” 

Latest update on 17th Aug 2013
What particularly disturbs me is the way in which sections of the mainstream media and others in positions of power use the worst of what happens online to condemn all that happens online. One manifestation of this is the way in which the word “troll” has been appropriated by sections of the mainstream and redefined.  

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 Latest update on 01st July 2012
I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.