Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Providential Escape or a Miracle!!! "Phanoos banke jiski hifazat hawa kareWoh shama kya bujhe jise roshan khuda kare..."

Indians have been clamouring for resolute leadership now for over 4years. Congress bubble burst a long time back with predictable results. There were many including me who had been maintaining Congress was incapable of taking India forward.  The chaos that is prevailing currently does not need any explanation.

The man that Indians wanted got his orders in bits and pieces but he did get them starting with, BJP National Executive meet in Goa.  

Panaji time is 2.04  09th June : Rajnath Singh 2014 elections are a challenge for the BJP. "We have decided Narendra Modi as chairman central campaign committee. This is an unanimous decision. We have full confidence that BJP will come to power in 2014,"

Followed by open revolt by the senior most member of BJP, this was quelled after some real hard work.  However the wheels had been set in motion, Indians wanted this and they were granted their wish by the party.

Greed is unlimited, we were not going to be satisfied with just this announcement, we wanted our man to be unambiguously made as the party candidate for Prime Minister’s post. Much speculation regular TV debates, heartburns and finally that day also dawned.

New Delhi 6.35 pm: 13th Sept : BJP president anoints Modi as PM candidate
BJP president Rajnath Singh says the party has projected Narendra Modi as the PM candidate. Rajnath also said that Modi ji is going to meet Advani ji soon to seek his blessings. 
Now that we had our major demand acceded, there was much reason for all to rejoice. Euphoric and filled with anticipation of very positive outcome in near future public started to come out to listen to their favorite candidate for Prime Minister's post.

Record turnouts in rally after rally gave the masses further hope and vindication of their choice. In all this while the public wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. Narendra Modi, his political opponent did not lose any opportunity of attacking him with the same old rhetoric which we have been hearing for past 11 years.

27th Oct 2013 Patna Bihar. This is one day that no Indian should ever forget or be disdainful about. It was pure providence that today on 29th Oct we are not in the midst of national mourning for a heavy loss of human life at Gandhi Maidan Patna.

Many have expressed apprehensions about safety and security of Mr. Modi. The unthinkable did happen in Patna on 27th Oct, which witnessed as many as 6 blasts, under normal circumstances this should have been enough to cause a stampede, among the people assembled at the ground to hear Mr. Modi deliver his maiden speech in Bihar.

The day was saved by some quick thinking and resolute action by the leaders present at the venue who made light of the incident of the blasts, had even a slight hint of nervousness or anxiety been displayed by anyone of them it would have lead to disastrous consequences. People of Bihar who had congregated at the maidan deserve a lot of praise for the discipline and calmness displayed in the face of imminent danger of blast and/or stampede that was targeted by setting off so many blasts.
The appeal and charisma of Mr. Modi kept the people rooted to their spots not that people in the vicinity of blast sites, would not have seen the dead and the injured yet it did not trigger any panic reaction or the desired stampede.

Post the rally more Improvised Explosive Devices were recovered, some as close as 80feet from the stage from which Mr. Modi had addressed the gathering. It’s not that BJP leaders at the venue were unaware of what was transpiring, it took exceptional courage in face of imminent personal danger to carry on with the rally and also ensure the mammoth crowd which was in attendance was kept calm thru their reassuring words and normal behaviour.

Media has left us disgusted with its conduct and coverage of the horrendous event. Instead of focusing on the attempted assassination bid on Mr. Narendra Modi, the presentation of news was as if Modi was not at all going to be affected by it. 
Political opponents reacted along expected lines; which leaves much to be desired. The callousness of Congress is contemptible. To suggest that blasts were orchestrated by BJP to evoke sympathy for self is something that no sane person would state. Insanity can only be the reason for such a statement.
Politics of hate! is not what this country needs. Political opponents deserve the respect and empathy when faced with such a grave situation. But then Congress is Congress, it thrives on callousness, otherwise would the lot off Indians not be better today.
Government of Bihar needs to explain why the standard procedures for securing the venue, and safety of not just BJP leaders, but the people of Bihar was not taken seriously?
Innuendoes and improper remarks will not suffice, public is angry for this serious lapse. Negative impact is not limited to Government of Bihar, it has also implication for the Union Government of Congress.
Democracy will be best served by eschewing hatred and vindictiveness. Mr. Narendra Modi is a declared candidate for the post of Prime Minister, win or lose is not the issue his security is definitely an issue which should not be glossed over or denied for partisan reasons.

Public is alert and is watching, they are demanding highest possible level of security for their candidate. Nothing but the best for our leader will we accepted.

To conclude this post placing links to various articles most of which are courtesy Mr. A.S Raghunath. which the readers may peruse to get a clearer perspective of the situation and the challenge that was faced bravely by all concerned at Gandhi Maidan Patna on 27th October 2013.
NitiCentral  How a battery error foiled IM plan to assassinate  Narendra Modi

Alleging that the protocol was not followed as no senior police official was present at the time of Modi's arrival in Patna for the rally on Sunday, he said the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate still chose to go ahead with his participation as its cancellation would have led to deterioration in the situation.  Modi's Maturity Prevented Mayhem at Patna Rally: BJP

Latest Update as on 21st Nov 2013
Sach bolta hain - Lies to belittle Namo exposed...:
Latest Update as on 03rd Nov 2013
The consequences of even a failed attempt on Narendra Modi’s life would have been too horrendous even to imagine. It would be silly to suggest that the Chief Minister of Bihar is not sharp enough to have known both the consequences.   LINK

It is beyond belief that much of the Indian political establishment reacted with insouciance at the attempted murder of Narendra Modi in Patna. Link

Latest Update as on 02nd Nov 2013
The magnitude of the averted disaster should have sent shock waves in the administration, engendered hard introspection, imbued a sense divine relief and stirred modicum of sympathy for main target. But the very next day hostile acerbic political comments were being made by the person who should have been most apologetic. Those comments and lessons in history could have been reserved for some other day.

The blasts at Gandhi Maidan pose the most alarming question, i.e. is Pakistan going to determine who will be the next prime minister of India?

Latest Update as on 01st Nov 2013
 IM's 'Operation Matsya' was aimed to eliminate Modi in Patna : India Reports@10: Headlines Today http://headlinestoday.intoday.in/programme/indian-mujahideen-narendra-modi-operation-matsya-in-patna-blasts/1/321179.html#.UnM-D5fEhiU.twitter …

Latest update on 31st Oct 2013

According to investigators, IM operatives who planted the blasts in Patna enjoyed the support of local leaders who helped them move around the city with ease and plant the explosives.  

While the police said that IM’s new Ranchi module was behind the blasts, the NIA said that this cell appears to be a pseudonym. The entire operation was planned by the Darbhanga module with the help of cells from neighbouring Samasthipur, Madhubani and Madhepur.   
Latest Update as on 30th Oct 2013

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will Congress survive the Twister it unleashed?? It’s come calling!!

Word twister most of us are familiar with! What is a twister? How is it formed?

A twister is a tornado or a cyclone. People often call it a twister when they are referring to a tornado. It's a bad storm that can cause horrible damage.
It’s a natural phenomenon. A tornado is a narrow, violently rotating column of air that extends from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground. Because wind is invisible, you can't always see a tornado. A visible sign of the tornado, a condensation funnel made up of water droplets, sometimes forms and may or may not touch the ground during the tornado life-cycle  Dust and debris in the rotating column also make a tornado visible and confirm its presence.
Post 2002 in order to win the local elections in Gujarat Congress created a twister, it converted a political issue into a legal issue, congress continued to add to it’s strength, inducted media, it’s most visible personnel, then NGOs, and individuals inimical to CM. By 2007 election time Congress had this twister going at a break neck speed, tried to add more power by using “Maut Ka Saudagar”  for the CM of Gujarat.

Congress lost the elections. We now had a Cottage Industry in place which was flourishing and raking in huge amount of fund. Yes this was the 2002 riots cottage Industry. Congress slipped into the background after the drubbing for the second consecutive time and media stepped up to take over and daily give us new inputs or “Blow to Modi” “Blow to Gujarat Govt” “Modi Cornered” “ Modi Exposed”.

Come 2008 Social media taking it's baby steps, people started to join & started to speak up by 2012 Social Media had become a very potent tool in the hands of those who just wanted truth and not mere allegation and fake stings or so called whistle blowers.

Surfeit of op-eds in print by known anti Modi member and newer recruits negating all development in Gujarat. Goalpost is no longer fixed it gets mobile and very nifty on it’s feet. Every time an op-ed is exposed with counter data, the goalpost is found at a newer location. If print was doing it’s bit, how could Electronic lag? 

Before we proceed further do read this list of names & derogatory terms used by Congress for Mr. Narendra Modi. A civil discourse is expected and required.  LINK

Post his elevation to the pole position as the Prime Ministerial candidate, media & congress went shriller to no avail. NaMo’s rallies starting from Hyderabad all the way to Delhi via Jaipur, Rewari, Bhopal & Trichy, would have left Congress and media benumbed. Never before have we witnessed such massive crowds at political rallies.
Not to be out done Congress hit upon a novel idea & unleashed Rahul Gandhi to score a serious self goal on the issue of Ordinance against Hon Supreme Courts order debarring convicted legislators.
Twister is no friend what has been unleashed by Congress could very easily remove the binding glue of Nehru-Gandhi clan from Congress party and ensure it is scattered in to million tiny pieces never to be joined ever again.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

After buying likes, Congress pays for tweets

Twitter has been abuzz with tweets and pictures. The organizer seem to be on top of everything, even when an 85+year lady wished to be present for the rally, this was personally responded to by Mr. Modi and those present in Hyderabad made the necessary arrangements for the lady and her companion.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Contrived Victories Based On Fake Profiles & PR Companies

Congress has enjoyed an undue advantage of a co-opted main stream media print and electronic, It’s contented in the knowledge that it’s messages and spins are being disseminated non stop. It totally ignored the new emerging technical tools naturally!

Plenty has been spoken and written about social media in the past couple of years.
What is social media? Web definitions : Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

There are 13 most popular social networking sites. My focus is going to be solely on Twitter, this is the platform which has emerged as the one that congress party wants to dominate. Media and it’s venerable personnel are often heard complaining about Twitter.
Majority of main stream English media is left leaning both Electronic & Print. This has prevented Right of center views and voices from being heard. Advent of Twitter has made it possible for a very large section of the Indian society which was hitherto voiceless, not because it could not speak, but on account of no one willing to permit their voices to be heard.

Twitter became the natural choice for Right of center leaning people, these are well educated, young go getter earning very decent salaries and extremely tech savvy. The last quality of Tweeple is proving to be a real thorn in the side of Congress and media. In real world CBI and a collusive media can weaken the cases or can pointedly refuse to look at clues and evidence. On the net that is not happening, these tech savvy users not just pick up the finger prints but gather incontrovertible evidence.

This has lead to a running conflict with main stream English media and it’s venerated population, who were more accustomed to speaking down to us people without hearing from us. Twitter flattened the Earth much to their chagrin. 2010 December I wrote my first article about the pressure that was being exerted on main stream media.

Initial reaction of main stream media was dismissive, as was that of the Congress party. In the year 2012 Government brought amendments to Information Technology act sec66A.

All this while users of Twitter were multiplying at a reasonably high rate and almost all were questioning the main stream English media for it’s slanted and at times totally wrong reportage. Twitter is emerging as a primary source of information and a hub for Political debates. 

While media continued it’s tirade against Twitter and Tweeple government went a step further during Assam riots it unilaterally issued instructions to local ISPs to block Twitter accounts under pretext of spreading rumors leading to exodus of Indians from North East residing in different cities in India back to their native states.

Tweeple have played a very positive role in times of crisis and emergencies, be it Twin blast in Mumbai in 2011, recent Assam riots, drought in Maharashtra, and Uttrakhand tragedy. Funds have been raise volunteers have gone on site to assist in rehabilitation.

Political leaders of various parties have also signed up and do interact with general public. Mr. Narendra Modi had extensively deployed Social media in 2012 Gujarat elections.  This made Congress take notice and realize it was miles behind on the social media front. In its typical arrogance it deployed a few ministers and senior members to take on Mr.Modi. However the response that came was not always from him, but from the general public and that can be an unnerving experience for new user like Congress.

Media in the meantime came up with a theory that Social Media could influence between 165 to 210 seats in forthcoming General Elections. This was not a finding of media’s own but from a Knowledge foundation body and the study was backed by the Internet & Mobile Association body. This study shows that that Social media users may be the new island of new vote bank that conventional political class has to worry about. The report suggests that by the time India goes to poll in 2014 the SM users number would remain close to 80Mn. Add to this 25Mn NRIs those who now have voting rights. Even if they are not present physically to press the voting button, they still remain huge influencing block.

Based on the SM users intensity, the study details there are 160-High impacting constituencies, 67 medium constituencies and 60 other low or no impacting constituencies!

Findings such as these caused panic in Congress ranks and soon enough a new cell was created with a liberal budget to make it effective and dominant player on Social Media. But the problem was, they did not have the wherewithal nor the block of the new tech-savvy SM users were not ready to be influenced by its cosmetic means

Twitter is not a forum for gladiatorial competition, who is to explain this to Congress and main stream media which just can’t accept the fact they no longer call the shots and the world does not revolve around them. Expectedly Congress could not cope up with the steady barrage of damaging Tweets on a daily basis, besides having to live with a diminished effect of media which was being challenged and exposed daily by Tweeple.

Ah there was also an event “Who’s afraid of the Social Media” Paranoia in media and Congress is palpable.

‘If you have the money, you can bribe your way through’ had been guiding principle since times immemorial for Congress. So it started the recruitment drive, to no effect, hired journalists specifically for the Social Media cell results awaited. In the mean times the challenges started to increase and arrogance demanded domination, sycophancy dictated positive outcomes to be placed before the presiding deities, what was then going to hold them back ? Soon fake identities began to be created for the sole purpose of posing a challenge to Mr. Modi. Unfortunately, all this came to a naught, as the tech savvy opponents exposed all their dirty tricks.

Congress wants to win a modern day war with antiquated weaponry and political relics.  

Two avoidable practices that have come about on Twitter. Trending a Topic and #Hashtag war.

Trending a Topic

Trending a topic on Twitter is juvenile, it’s no more than hearing a child state “My Daddy strongest.” This is an activity which minnows in political parties can use to ingratiate themselves with their senior party leaders who either are uninformed or pre-occupied with far more serious issue. Trending neither establishes nor delivers anything. At most it gets the bearer of such tiding to the seniors a shabaash and a perfunctory pat on the back.  

#Hashtag War

Hashtags are created for a specific purpose or an event, which enable the creator to impart a distinct identity to the event on Twitter and also carry our post event analysis. #Pappu or #Pappucii both is specific to a person and event cannot be hijacked by other for reverse targeting. While #Feku is generic this was hijacked and employed to target the creator. Congress Cyber Coolies appropriately called as e-NREGA by netizens are persisting with this, due lack of creativity to generate a specific Hashtag for their obvious target. 

Hashtag wars on twitter are like the show “Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain” This is another illusion that Congress needs urgently, to infuse hope into its cadre which is totally demoralized by what is unfolding before their eyes. No antidote to that one man who seems to be demolishing Congress bit by bit everyday.

Congress has already obtained a favorable verdict for one such battle from the pliable and equally ignorant main stream English media #Pappucii Vs #Feku where it was evident that #Feku had been used against the creator in higher proportion than against the intended target. NDTV did start a new series Truth Vs Hype honestly NDTV itself is a hype.

The next episode of this Hashtag war unfolded on the 11th Aug when Mr. Modi was addressing a rally in Hyderabad. Congress pumped in money to create fake accounts and tweet #FekuExpress as it’s #FekuonSale had been thwarted in pre-infancy stage.
Result of this latest war is clear #Fekuexpress Vs #NaMoInHyd 1:3 is the Tweet ratio. However using the resources at it’s disposal relics of Congress managed to obtain a fake victory which they can now carry as proof to their leaders and boast of good work done.
Twitter is a democratic platform and democracy congress loathes. Twitter offers freedom of speech, congress believes it’s a divine right accorded through the  royal decree from Nehru-Gandhi parivar (clan). It’s immune to manipulation and subversion, congress firmly believes there is nothing that it can’t manipulate and subvert.

Coercion and money power can and will be employed liberally to satiate the appetite of the clan for dominating Twitter. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spot fixing in IPL or is it a case of Fixed NEWS????

Are you puzzled? Enraged? Or simply bemused at what English language MSM is so occupied with. A billion people betrayed No sir a billion people don’t watch IPL. Yes the viewers of TV channels are dismayed at what has been going on in the name of NEWS.
We belong to a land which has not been visited by any crime ever. A society so pure and honest is the strong impression any viewer of Timesnow in particular and other Television channel would get.

It was on 07th Feb 2010 when I last wrote on IPL . Media had gone ballistic about non inclusion of player from Pakistan. “More Adventurism By Mr.Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express” Link.

Media has worked itself into frenzy over the past 10-12days with a sustained coverage of #spotfixing. Leading the pack is Mr. Arnab Gosami of Timesnow, every evening he gathers his lynch mob of 6 to 8, starts preaching and demonizing his targeted individual. The judgment is pronounced before the ranting and raving begins in his studio, all that needs to be done is hang the convict that Arnab has identified and condemned.
The evangelical zeal displayed by Arnab in this #spotfixing incident attempts to convince us that there is no greater crime than this and it has not ever happened in the world leave alone India.

India does not have a single law to punish the crime of fixing in sports. Arnab wants us to believe that he can change it all with his high decibel in studio rants. “India wants to know” and “nation is asking”

What has left most viewers bewildered and nauseated with this incessant coverage is why have the larger and more damaging scams not received a similar treatment from Timesnow and Arnab in particular to name a few. 2G, CWG was limited to Queen’s baton relay while there were other areas left untouched, Antrix- Davos, Coal Scam, Westland Helicopter scam, Tatra Tucks, National Herald and Land deals of Vadra.
Why there has been no 19 part expose on any of the above scams. There was a witch hunt launched by Arnab and Timesnow in case of Nitin Gadkari plenty of noise was created by this channel without being able to establish any wrong doing, similarly with BSY the then CM of Karnataka.
What we are witnessing is a repeat performance of contrived outrage and faux evangelistic zeal in case of #spotfixing. Basic fact is being ignored, we have no law under which this can be punished and why has the commissioner of IPL not been questioned even once instead the focus is on BCCI president. The problem is in IPL that needs to be fixed.

In a nutshell any discerning viewer without having to exert much would reach the same conclusion. This is a clear case of FixedNews and not case of #spotfixing. 

In conclusion why is it that BCCI should answer and not the commissioner of IPL. IPL is a private enterprise, all misdeeds and poor business decisions will impact the owners and the players involved, why should so much time over so many days be invested by Timesnow in particular?  What is the purpose and at whose behest is this being done? Timesnow has not devoted so much time on other scams why?

Latest update on 02nd Jun 2013
Latest update on 01st Jun 2013
Latest update on 31st May 2013
This is not funny at all. 
“Sources said Sonia Gandhi was annoyed by the growing perception that the political class had ganged up to protect the corrupt in the BCCI and asked the party not to be guided by Shukla.” Twin charge under way

Latest update on 30th May 2013

Known as ‘Mappillai’ in Tamil and ‘Damad’ in Hindi, all sons-in-law have high standing in Indian families -- religion, caste, region and language regardless.  By S Gurumurthy 
The contrasting tale of two sons-in-law http://bit.ly/13ZLUkB

Latest update on 29th May 2013

“It is perfectly reasonable that today’s young men swimming in the sex and fame of the IPL industry should believe that their only punishment will be a slight tap on the knuckles just now and a Parliament seat from Kochi or Trivandrum when they reach an enlightened age.” By M. J. Akbar  A cash-and-carry junket  

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.