Friday, August 7, 2015

Maino Mafia’s writ no longer runs in India?????

Congress has stalled parliament and legislation, effectively blocking progress of India., on flimsy pretext of cases that are not there.
  1. mrs shushms swaraj  helping lalit kumar modi.
  2. vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh
  3. vasundararaje  helping lalit kumar modi
congress has not presented any evidence in any of these cases. The party is unwilling to debate & discuss these in parliament. Creating unruly scenes in both houses and making it difficult for them to function normally. Protest in democracy is accepted by all. Tyranny by the rejected political outfit is not.

While the slaves have been in the forefront. Mother & son duo have stayed in the background directing these knave to perform to their diktats, what has surfaced is the viciousness of sonia Gandhi who is unable to come to terms with the humiliating defeat handed out to her and party by Indians in 2014.
Mr shushma swaraj has not influenced any decision of the british government. It’s preposterous to think MEA  of India has the heft to influence decision of another sovereign govt. this may have been the case when, sonia’s congress was in office and most decision were made outside India.
It’s sonia and her congress which has a lot to explain especially the mafia operation being run by her sisters who demanded US$60Millions from lalit kumar modi.this Indians are waiting anxiously to hear from sonia.
Why did digvijay singh presented forged document in the vyapam scam? Why was this congress slave trying to delay and derail investigations in this scam? One it started under a congress govt in M.P. Digvijaysingh may have played an active role which now needes to be coveredup since change in dispensation at centre a lot has changed.

Here alaso it’s Sonia’s congress which needs to explain what was it’s role and why it did not want a debate in parliament.
Most curious is the case against vasundraraje. Ever since assunming office CM of rajasthan has masde no move of any kind to assist lalit kumar modi, if anything was done it was prior to assuming office of CM. Why has congress remained silent for all these year was it unaware or it was convenient to stay silent.
What ever the reason be there is no case made out. Since there is no case registered anywhere in India against lalit kumar modi.
Anand Sharma may contionue to insist and employ words which are unbecoming and unacceptable, all three instance will return to bite congress. It has more to hide than anyone else. Tread cautiously. Social media is on the look out for an opportunity to bury congress deep.

Finally onus on congress to place case number court and city in public domain where lalit kumar modi was required to appear as an accused. Like sonia and rahul Gandhi were summoned in delhi in the national Herald case. This case cant be covered by yelling and screaming about others.

 National Herald case: Delhi court summons Sonia, Rahul as accused... party vice-president Rahul Gandhi were Thursday summoned as accused by ... Suman Dubey and Sam Pitroda, to appear before the court on August 7.

jun 26, 2014 - SoniaRahul summoned as accused in National Herald case ... itappears that YI was in fact created as a sham or a cloak to convert public ...

Jun 26, 2014 - SoniaRahul summoned as accused in National Herald case ... and Sam Pitroda, besides the Gandhis, to appear before the court on August 7.

Jun 26, 2014 - They(Sonia & Rahul Gandhi) will have to face trial, will appear as accused: Subramanian Swamy on National Herald case ...