Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Political Editor or an Editor who plays politics with Editorials?

The opening statement in “Bhatt is the truth?” by Vinod Sharma “I’m sure this post will get the goat of Narendra Modi’s many admirers who visit the site with alarming regularity.” Is a reiteration of my firm belief that there is a child in every adult! The impishness and the puerile approach towards the subject! Arrogated or should one say the divine right to outrage is so explicitly visible.

Monsanto would surely be pleased with their products of Genetically Modified foods; Vinod Sharma seems to have been on an exclusive GM foods diet; hence he does come through as a Genetically Modified commentator on political affairs of this country. I am not too sure if the gentleman should be known as the Political Editor or an Editor who plays politics with Editorials.

If my memory serves me right Mr. Vinod Sharma is the same person who claimed that the CD of Bhushan’s conversation in his possession was authentic, yet it turned out otherwise. What credibility would or should such an individual enjoy?  Again is Mr.Sharma not a sitting member of commission? 

The current controversy is a result of a statement made by a lawyer representing the Gujarat Government before the Nanawati Commission. The question is did Mr. Sharma make any further investigation or this was not needed since the purpose is not to find the truth or obtain justice for the victims but indulge in politiking which would benefit his political paymaster. Not withstanding Mr. Sharma protestation of being independent unbiased editor, which we swallow with a liberal helping of salt.

Mr. Sharma in tandem with Mr. Vir Singhvi did form a deadly duo for Hindustan Times, for attacking Gujarat and Mr. Narendra Modi if one called Mr. Modi a Mass Murderer the other termed Gujarat riots as pogrom and genocide hoping the publishers of dictionaries world wide would replace existing meaning with their explanations of these words. Alas the Earth still continues to revolve around the Sun.

The flip side is if one was to mention BOFORS or 1984 in the presence of this deadly duo of Hindustan Times, we get to hear oh those were Anti Sikh riot and lumpen elements were involved pray who were those lumpen elements? If this does not deter you, the next is oh this is history is it so? Did this event happen in ancient India? No it was only 27 years ago victims still await justice. 

“How on earth can that happen in the country’s best administered state? Is good governance all about foreign capital inflows, shining skyscrapers, road connectivity, electricity and water? All these matter but are of little or no meaning when the system is designed to manipulate justice.” So very emphatically stated Mr. Sharma you have been singing hosannas of the Congress government for just the very things, there is a deafening silence from your end when crucial documents go missing in who let Anderson flee the country post Bhopal gas tragedy, 2G, CWG, Adarsh housing and many other scams.

Now lets us examine your claim of these document being of paramount importance to the process of justice for 2002 Gujarat riots.

1. Have you investigated this issue further?

2. Do you want us to believe given the extremely sensitive nature of these documents the courts and the various commissions have overlooked to requisition them despite 9years having lapsed?

3. Do you want us to believe that such crucial evidence could be ignored even by the Supreme Court which has established an SIT for Gujarat riots?

4. When the Union Government within no time could call for the MOU’s signed during the Vibrant Gujarat meet, would not initiate steps to ensure crucial evidence is preserved?

5. Congress has been singularly unsuccessful in wrenching Gujarat from Mr. Narendra Modi in the last 3 state elections, would it let go off an opportunity to settle scores with the CM?

6. What could not be achieved democratically is being attempted through other means.

7. Did you read this article or is it too inconvenient for you?

It indeed does not make a pretty picture to watch an editor’s struggle there are 115 comments posted so far in response to this blog unable locate any charitable ones about Mr. Vinod Sharma, time facts were recognized, and there is limit beyond which nothing remains palatable or credible. Please do make it point to read this{ article }also Mr. Sharma, change of heart can always happen.

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.