Saturday, July 24, 2010

India Pakistan chasing a Mirage of Peace

This is a rejoinder to -  Khakis over civvies  Hindustan Times dated 24th July 2010 Author Ms.Barkha Dutt.

Thank you Hindustan Times for zealously protecting our right of expression as you do yours. Most of us come to this site for there is no censorship unlike most other mainstream English media sites, here comments are flagged only if they are offensive in the extreme.

There are three types of species that populate HT.

The first is Indians like me who have a fair command of the language, and an opinion on almost every issue. Yes we are also referred to as the Net Terrorists or the Khaki chuddy brigade because we do not subscribe to the views of a certain sect of people. The second are the ones who have pretensions to being journalists, often declaring awards at the end of every year for a political party and collecting Padma awards as return gifts, though the burning desire is to be nominated to the August House the Rajya Sabha. The author of this piece and of course the other is, the venerated Rajdeep Sardesai of CNNIBN. The third and last specie is the pseudo secularists who are more rabid than the oft labeled communalists, names are well known to all.

The order of priority used is a clear give away. “The truth is that as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh steers his brave vision for peace through a minefield of obstacles — terror threats, inflammable public opinion, a sceptical party cadre and the shadow of 26/11” Under pressure from USA the UPA government seems to be ready to put 26/11 in deep freeze, and render lip service to this fact. The inflammable public opinion is on account of 26/11 and nothing else.

This author is a leading member of the bleeding hearts brigade.

There is a marked shift in the thinking of the author, I recall that soon after Musharraf had demitted office, a democratically elected Government in Pakistan was in place, this author was a very vocal proponent “That India had a duty to strengthen Democracy in Pakistan” to which my response was that it was not just a foolish proposition but bordered on lunacy that India be the party bearing the cross and shouldering the responsibility of something that must logically rest with the people of Pakistan.

The other significant point that the Author has raised is let us ape USA , speak with the men in Khaki in Pakistan. Since the author is often seen to take the UPA government line, there is a sneaking impression, this formulation is being stated on the basis of some information that she may be privy to. The question that needs to be addressed in this regard is. How is this objective going to be achieved? Out source the process to Uncle Sam to point the noses of these commandos towards the table and issue instructions start chattering. India cannot ape USA simply since we are not the US of A, nor do we have the muscle to implement this on our own. Just for a moment let us assume that we do somehow manage to sit across the table, who is going to do the talking? NSA , NAC or our politicians who are preoccupied with ingratiating themselves before their high command, dipping into the till with both their hands, consolidating vote banks or ensuring comfortable futures for their heir, and time permitting attending to the requirements of the Nation. The only possible party that is capable of engaging the generals from Pakistan, are the men in uniform from our side, need the results of such a meeting be stated, one party’s raison d’ĂȘtre is avenge 1971 and bleed India through 1000 cuts, the other is there to prevent that eventuality.

Let us do away with the joint press conference is the next pearl of wisdom from this author, ignoring the fact Agra ambush happened because our over hyper media did not recognize the commando in civvies, India was not mauled, the obvious did not happen. Sharm-el-Shiekh and now Islamabad we have come away with a bloodied nose. Tail firmly tucked between our legs, playing favorites between MEA and HM the tilt seems to be towards the MEA as the benefit of doubt is being extended that “probably the details were not shared with MEA”. The divide is deeper than we think.
What will we gain? And what do we hope achieve? Are the two questions which need a firm and confident reply from the UPA Government!

In conclusion the K song has become putrid having been played for past 63 years, should be canned without much ado, replace it with POK, pay no royalty for it even when played by the other party. Focus on containing and eliminating the 1000 cut policy, by raising the costs for the employer. Make it uneconomical and unviable by a robust and firm response. Time to flex our muscles, negotiations and peace will follow.