Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tale of a dumb son & A very vicious mother

Sonia Gandhi ,her son rahul and congress refuse to accept, they have been rejected by the voters in India, their behaviour out and inside the parliament is pure  and simple vicious, their overriding desire is to hurt Indians, damage India and blame the current dispensation for that.
Without taking any more time, I will leave it to the readers to view bothe videos uploaded and arrive at yheir own independent decision, I have no doubt there is going to be near unanimity in India, that congress and the dynasty is anti India , out to destroy this country.
June14th 2015 could easily be declared as the day media died In India. Since the morning arnab goswami of timesnow started screaming and yelling about mrs shushma swaraj helped lalit modi wuth travel document, nothing could have been further from truth than this assertion. The decibel levels steadily kept going higher and by evening it had reached a crescendo, with other channels pitching in and congress fishing in troubled waters. However the first document that timesnow. On 16th june 2015 in my postI had said there is no case made out and arnab , Timesnow and Congress would emerge looking foolish and would have hurt themselves severly.

''Sushma's act, a case of gross impropriety' - Rajya Sabha TV Jun 18, 2015 - interview-rstv ... leader Anand Sharma pointed out to Sushma Swaraj's role in the Lalit Modi controversy. ... Sushma Swaraj's act is a case of gross impropriety. On the Lalit Modi controversy, Sharma criticised External Affairs ... Lat

LatSushma's act, a case of gross impropriety' - Rajya Sabha TV

Jun 18, 2015 - interview-rstv ... leader Anand Sharma pointed out to Sushma Swaraj's role in the Lalit Modi controversy. ... Sushma Swaraj's act is a case of gross impropriety. On the Lalit Modi controversy, Sharma cr

If one were to look back at recent events, it is obvious that it is not the Congress party, but Sonia Gandhi and Rahul who have been at the forefront of aggressive behaviour in parliament and outside. Yesterday, even taciturn Sonia rushed to the well of the house, showing her true nature. The disruptions during Sushma Swaraj's speech were often instigated by Sonia herself, and the sharp personal attacks - whether on Modi or Swaraj - were made by Rahul.
The rise of Modi's BJP is a direct threat to the Gandhi family's control of the Congress because it challenges the idea of the party as family property. Modi's unexpected rise, despite the forces ranged against him, demonstrate a simple point: that talented individuals can rise from nowhere to become No 1. Just as in business the Narayana Murthys and Sachin Bansals have challenged the hegemony of family-based businesses, in politics, Modi is the disrupter of family-based politics.
It is no surprise that Modi's tactics and strategies are now being copied by ambitious politicians everywhere - from Arvind Kejriwal, who abandoned his Aam Aadmi avatar to become AAP's sole face, to Nitish Kumar, and even Akhilesh Yadav in UP. All these leaders have realised that the people are looking for new leaders who can solve problems. Family-based parties are fine, as long as they seem to provide talented leaders with new ideas for India. At one point, even Kanshi Ram and Mayawati provided that new idea. This is exactly what the Congress party's First Family is afraid of - that talent will trump political inheritance at some point.
The Sonia-Rahul effort to disrupt parliament is driven by two fears - that if they do not lead the chaos, their party's most ambitious leaders could revolt and break off to form their own regional outfits (as Sharad Pawar and Mamata Banerjee did in the past). It should be more than obvious to anyone that young leaders like Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot are any day more capable than Rahul Gandhi, and the only thing holding them back is the reality that the Congress is currently Gandhi family property, and no one is allowed to outshine them.
The second fear of the Gandhi family is narrow and personal: they suspect that sooner or later, the real estate capers of Robert Vadra and Sonia and Rahul themselves (as evidenced in the National Herald property grab) will make them legally and politically vulnerable.
The "maa-beta" aggression is probably intended as a pre-emptive strike, so that in case the legal situation turns against them, they can claim political vendetta. Rahul Gandhihas already been muttering darkly about vendetta politics.