Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is India an outraged nation?Or a nation in perpetual state of outrage

Blocked by NDTV, now this is a unique situation, one can understand a person being blocked by another for being abusive or argumentative. Wonder since when organization have developed sensitivities and how I managed to hurt their finer feeling through my tweets? The other important aspect is that charges are being paid to cable operator for receiving NDTV signals.

What makes NDTV so insecure? Why this paranoia being displayed by NDTV? Has the credibility deficit been transferred from staffer to organization? What will this achieve? Is the channel now caught in a downward spiral? Mistakes inadvertent or deliberate are on the rise, have been duly noted and recorded. The issue will remain and will have to be confronted by the channel, blocking solves nothing.

Last Saturday I was motoring along blissfully on twitter the day had been one of leisurely pace Presidential polls was the all consuming topic, then in the evening there was a this tweet from NDTV.

persecution in Eritrea and Myanmar and Bangladesh, and so on. ... out and refusing to accept even a remotely sufficient number of them for ... the war in Afghanistan and the persecution of theRohingya minority in ... Assad deliberately targeted Syria's SunniMuslim majority, civilian and rebel alike.