Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Making & Dismantling of AAP Cult

AAP cult - Yesterday was interesting. A friend snapped at me because we are on opposite side of AAP divide. That got me thinking. I was amazed at the cult reaction that AAP generates, even though I feel that there is plenty of hard evidence that puts a question mark at the least on their intent (And I am not even talking about execution where AAP lacks sorely), if not completely proving their deceitful behaviour. 

Here is the evidence that has made me question AAP's intent (Disclaimer: I supported AAP till Delhi elections- Yes disillusioned like so many others)

- AK and Yogendra Yadav were both aspiring to be in NAC at a point of time. As a matter of fact YY made it through and held positions in various committees. They both worked with Aruna Roy. YY was advisor to RG....Why were anti corruption crusaders of future aligning to NAC? Were they ignorant about who they were working with? Or their ideals have undergone transformation? Does that not put a huge question mark on the intent of this group? Can the suspicion of sleeping with the frenemy, be totally unfounded for a group of people who have been closely associated with NAC?

- Before Delhi elections, AK waves 270 page document claiming it to be the evidence against Sheila Dixit. Post elections the document disappears. When asked to take action against Ms Dixit, AK himself demands proof of Sheila Dixit govt's wrong doing. So what happened to the 270 page document?

- AK was an atheist who turned a believer after Delhi elections. And not just an ordinary believer, a staunch believer who takes a dip in Ganga and smears his forehead with Chandan, offers prayers at mazar (All on a Varanasi trip). Huh? Thats a quick change of life long held beliefs. Miracle in its own right

- AAP claims to be against dynastic politics and offer seats to descendants of Shastriji and Gandhiji. How does that add up?

- Corruption as the biggest issue was abandoned in favour of communalism, as it was the convenient thing to do after the target changed to BJP. Suddenly Congress is not a target. So what about people who voted them for their anti corruption stand?

- AAP wanted to take away from the Delhi Police the power to fine autorickshaw drivers who refuse to carry passengers, a move which pleases his party’s biggest vote bank, but is likely to put commuters at a disadvantage. So is AK really thinking about Common man? 

- AK also waives off electricity bills of his supporters who had protested with him and supported him by not paying it. Another SOP for his supporters that goes against policy, ethics and even law. How is it better than the appeasement by Congress or BJP?

- AK claims that he is Aam Admi and against VIP culture, but after making these tall claims, he is not embarrassed about asking for flats adding up to 10 bedrooms in a prime Delhi location. And then he lies that he didn't ask for these flats, while he had submitted a written application for them

- Then this Aam Admi flies in Private jet, after spewing venom on everyone else who was symbolic of VIP culture and flew choppers and plane. Thats Aam?
- When cameras are turned off, he happily chats with interviewer about which portions of the interview should be highlighted, so as to project the image of Krantikari. Is that what you expect from a leader? Isn't being genuine one of the characteristics of a leader?
- It is also very clear that AAP is not serious about Jan Lokpal. If AAP guys were serious they should have modified Delhi Lokayukta on the lines of Jan Lokpal and would have gotten it through assembly. That would have been within constitutional boundaries and damn easy as well. No hullagulla and still job gets done, and they can carry on with their task of governance. But that did not happen, because the name ‘Lokayukta’ will steal AAP’s thunder. So what do they do? Bring in their 'Lokpal', which can’t be legal and constitutional even if it passes through the assembly. Then they make lot of noise and resign (Thats objective achieved for them based on the hidden intent of finding escape route while acting as victim to general public)

And there is no ambiguity on the above. There are enough facts/footage/documents backing each of the points

If AAP's intent is so pure and their priority is India, then there has to be a reasonable explanation for all the above. I will wait for AAP supporters to explain how above and the right intent can coexist

Having said all the above, I am in awe of AK. Brilliant guy, capable of creating a cult around him, where even intelligent and smart people ignore the facts staring at them and blindly follow him. And on top of it call every one else Bhakts

AAP is an unknown evil where intent and projection are not matching up. Is AAP better than the known evil that we have been facing in the two national parties? I am pessimistic about the answer to that question and only time will tell. But asaaar ache nahin hain bhai log

PS: If the response to the above is not an explanation but pointing fingers at BJP or Congress, then to let you know - I recognize the issues and shortcoming of those parties as well, and will accept them. But that doesn't make the above concerns disappear. So please focus on explaining above discrepancies and behaviour