Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Traumatized Indians.

Indians are passing thru a traumatic state, are collectively experiencing an extreme sense of disgust, cynicism with the incumbent government, congress and the fourth estate. We are being compressed from either end on one hand is the corruption of humongous proportions by the politicians in Government, on the other is inappropriate actions of the media and its population.

The brazenness of both is similar and remarkable in the face of incontrovertible evidence that is in the public domain. Neither is willing to accept their crimes instead are aggressively indulging in name calling of those who remind them of their wrong doing. The politicos are being provided the platform for this, by ever willing print and electronic medium. The discredited media person are forming their own gangs and engaging in dueling on a daily basis on social media forums.

Not withstanding all these actions, the facts will not change. Corrupt they are and corruption is their creed. The compulsion of removing these stains are of paramount concern for all those connected with corruption, they forget once the public perception is formed nothing will change, engaging the public is counter productive it only exacerbate, perception will solidify into a belief.There is yet another parallel narrative being orchestrated the trigger being used is common ‘Assassination of Mr. Salman Taseer”. One employed this to highlight her sense of victim hood, another tried to use it for resuscitating her career and now we have Mr.Samar Halarnkar who is embarking on a voyeuristic voyage by superimposing the incident in Pakistan into an Indian scenario.

There are basic differences which cannot be ignored between these two neighbours. India has been a Democracy for last 63years Jackboots have been the favorite in Pakistan. Pakistan is a theocratic state India a secular nation. The most important is that the incident has happened and the possibility of such an event happening in India is indulging in crystal ball gazing. Perhaps no, there is a deeper purpose. There is a dire need for validating what wikileaks have put out in public domain as the greatest challenge deemed by none other than the scion of Gandhi Family the Man who would Prime Minister. 

Mr. Digvijay Singh has been working very hard towards this common goal, hence the article by Mr.Samar Halarnkar- "Terror has a religion" . All this time we have been told differently. Why this shift in stance? Congress is stuck in the morass of corruption not one but plenty that it is finding it difficult to function and speak coherently. Escape hatch needed, let’s provide that by way of initiating a debate which will assuredly get shrill once ignited.

“Terrorism is almost always driven by religion. That's evident in every terror investigation since before the demolition of the Babri Masjid, which, along with the Gujarat riots of 2002, set off a wave of urban, Islamist terrorism.” This is an assertion made in the article. Has the author overlooked terrorism in the state of Jammu & Kashmir since 1989 on purpose, is it selective amnesia or is it that there are no Urban areas in that state? We are yet see any evidence of so called “Hindu Terrorists” making such claims. The author conveniently ignores the fact that Indians have been through many turbulent times in history yet never has the phenomenon of “Hindu Terror” ever taken roots in this country. 16th Aug 1946 Direct action day did not lead to any terror groups being formed. 1984 senseless and indiscriminate killings on the streets of Delhi did not lead to formation of any terror groups. Conversely whatever were there in Punjab were put down ruthlessly by the police force.

Riots in this country have a long history to focus on 2002 is pure simple politiking for the sake of a preferred political party. Had the perpetrators of 1984 been punished without delay, then surely chances of 2002 happening would have been reduced largely. Similarly had the previous cases of terror been investigated with fine tooth and comb, perpetrators expeditiously punished would have been a deterrent for newer breed to experiment with misadventure of terrorism.

Since the previous case have not been satisfactorily solved, in public perception the investigative agencies have lost their credibility, another important factor is the credibility of Congress party which is not above board. There are daily reports appearing in print media of how the confession of Swami Aseemanand  seems a copy paste job to fit into the charge sheet already filed by the agency. Given the low esteem of the investigation authority credence has to be given to such reports, more over Indian Media is in the dock right now. It is important at this point of time to read this article by Anil Athale There is no major threat from "saffron terrorists". Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India -- The Story You Won't See In the Western Mainstream Media. . Then this blog by Mr.Kiran Kumar.S.  "Saffron or Hindu Terror: Does it Exist?"..

The real need of the hour is to prevent the many Malik Mumtaz Qadris who are roaming free in the guise of Liberals, who gather in studios armed with microphones, denigrating the judicial verdict of Dr. Binayak Sen undermining the very Democracy they swear by. So liberal are these Malik Mumtaz Qadris of our media that any contrarian viewpoint is instantaneously dubbed as radical, right wing or RSS inspired. These are Liberals not by conviction or practice, neither by choice but of convenience. Extreme intolerance is their main weapon. Unwilling to listen to any voice other than their own!

Caution should be exercised lest the stretched Saffron thread through all the events is converted into a noose, which might be the cause for many of you and your political paymaster’s downfall. We need credible independent investigative agency which will not indulge in selective leaking of purported confessions. Instead have the wherewithals to concluded investigation, conduct prosecution of the alleged terrorists; obtain verdicts and punishments befitting the crimes committed on an expeditious basis.

While we are discussing about the current state of affairs, it would be incomplete without mentioning the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who are living in exile in India for past 21years. No self proclaimed Liberal, Human Rights activist or Mainstream English media has ever highlighted their plight. On this January 19 (2011), Kashmiri Pandits complete their 22nd year of forced exile.  The story of Kashmiri Pandits, an ethnic group who are becoming refuges in their own land, is not-only one of the tear-jerking ones in independent India but also a mistreated one by the so-called secular government of the country.  By Dipin Damodharan.

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.