Sunday, January 4, 2015

Twitter is the real Hamam! Hamam mein sab nange hain! Inko nanga hum ne kiya!!

Third day running the debate on the successful pre-emptive actions on high Seas by the Indian Coast Guards is raging on Twitter. TV channels and the so called security experts in the print medium were unable to divest the government of the approbation from Indians. Cryptic press release and lack of any selective leaks, plus the inability of these ostensible security experts in Media to fret out any facts has left them frustrated and fuming. They seem to have realized government does not have much faith in them.

Ultimately Congress had to step in since it’s surrogates were unable to deliver the results. Congress at it’s graceless best demanded government should furnish proof of terror strike averted before claiming credit for it. It cannot get any more petty than this. Then Congress is known to misbehave when not in power, it did conduct itself in an identical manner during Kargil operations in 1999.

BJP and the government despite serious provocations has not reacted or initiated any negative action against media, unlike the Chief Minister of Telengana K Chandrasekhar Rao under whose watch ABN’s district incharge journalist Middela Ranganath received special treatment at the hands of police.

Saikat Datta of Hindustan Times has also raised some questions, what the public is interested is, are these persons questioning the action of the Government in preventing a terror strike or is it the lack of information and selective leaks that is bothering them.

We get a distinct feeling some of them are actually hoping and praying for BJP government to fail in it’s attempts to prevent terror strike.

Mr. Praveen Swami is still on his special little trip of being unsocial on Social Media. He must have blocked more than the number of followers he has.

Twitter is the real Hamam where these self professed journalists have been stripped naked. Hamam mein sab nange hain. Inko nanga hum ne kiya

Tweet gathered during the day are posted below, do read them to get the story of the day.