Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Have used the word mediawhores in the heading of this blog. It’s only right that this term be explained not by me but by those who have been using this in other countries . before any of you take an exception to “mediawhores” being used please do read below.
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Media Whores Online, also known as mediawhoresonline.com or The Horse or often just MWO, was a liberal American political webzine that operated as a ...


Since the month of may 2014 MSM in India has been feeding us a daily dose of heavy negativity. Not a single positive news about the govt is broadcast or published. Instead  controversy is sought to be created evebn when there is no basis.

Certain people of MSM get very active every time prime minister modi goes overseas. If it was rajdeep sardesai in new york at Madison square garden.

This time it was  mihir s sharma & his sidekick peierre fitter who tried to poke fun at PM Modi for not using earphone in france. Sorepusses were caught out when a person present at the meeting correctly pointed out to them about single ear earphones being available & being used by PM Modi.

Then we have venomous pair of sagarika ghose & rana Ayyub attempting to generate controversy over the shawl used by PM MODI. Yes he is from humble background that does not preclude him from using designers wear. Much to their chargin this also proved o be a false start by this pair.

Ndtv outdid itself when sunetra choudhary got kirloskar of CII  to say FDI would be affected due to attacks on churches in India. All this while they were in germany & PM Modi was making a strong pitch for make in India..

Screenshots posted below as support for each & every word written here. These anti Indian media people need to be reined in before they case a serious damage to India.

"Mediawhores" were most uopset when  it became public that Nehru had put netaji bose’s family under survelliance. 

SCREENSHOTS OF 13th april 2015

SCREENSHOTS OF 12th april 2015

SCREENSHOTS OF 11th april 2015

SCREENSHOTS OF 10th april 2015

SCREENSHOTS OF 09th april 2015