Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is Indian Media beyond redemption???

Indian readers and viewers are aghast at what is being offered in the print and in the electronic media. We are all collectively praying and hoping this honeymoon period of the BJP government comes to a quick end and media reverts to reporting the facts instead of all the trivia that it has been passing off as News.

If one was to believe the media in India nothing of consequence and significance has happened post 26th May 2014. After the video released by Dr.Kiran Bedi which set the record straight about the claims being made by that criminal anchor of that corrupt Timesnow channel.

Media has all but been buried deep into the ground; it will take a Herculean effort on part of those who still enjoy credibility with Indian public to resurrect this 4th pillar of democracy. Unheard of reactions are being reported by people on SM Zee News has blocked a viewer on Twitter because he asked a few inconvenient questions.

Amrit Hallan makes a telling point about how the important news is being given a go by for the inconsequential. Udayan Bose takes a serious swing at Rajdeep Sardesai for his well known biased views on BJP. There is Ankit Lal of Aam Aadmi Party this party and its people have caused more damage to quality of politics than any known political party of past or present.

Congress is unable to contain itself and has taken to objecting to every little thing that BJP government does. This is reflecting very poorly on Congress, without power it’s a group of sour whiners. Nothing is complete without mentioning NDTV and its pathetically low standards of professionalism.  Only channel which refers to terrorists as guerrillas and the state of Jammu & Kashmir as Indian controlled Kashmir. No media anywhere in the world would be indulging in this and getting away unpunished, but then we are unique “it only happens in India.”

Mr. Vikram Chandra of NDTV seems to have forgotten India was the toast of the world under PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee of BJP, Congress messed up India from 2004-2014 and now PM Modi of BJP and NDA  government are hard at work to recover the lost ground as also ensure we make substantial all round progress.

Tehelka may have folded up, its has left behind a very unhappy and rabidly communal person who celebrates suffering of the members of majority community all in the name of secularism.

Evidence of misreporting, fake reporting, motivated reporting is mounting on a daily basis, we would soon reach a point; where it will be fait accompli to clean the media. Sharing cartoons by Mr. Arun Kohli, which speak for themselves, take away the need to write more on the state of media.

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