Friday, January 16, 2015

Abusing Majority community in India is Haut Couture for Media Jihadis.

If it was fashionable earlier to denigrate all things Hindu now it has become Haute Couture for our media Jihadis to target Hindus, Hinduism on every possible opportunity available, if it does not present then manufacture one. Stretch the dot to form a link but don’t let a day pass without outraging about Hindus.

Malini of The Hindu and Sagarika Ghose like the other have taken it upon themselves to make atleast a few remarks daily. “Fundamental Right to Foreign Travel” has been added by our Constitutional expert Ms Sagarika Ghose.

Firstpost like so many others picked up a photo with Saffron flag waving crowd to highlight protest against mention of Pig & Pork which Oxford Printing Press has decided not to use.

Sanjay Jha still believes there is a conspiracy by RSS to malign Congress, he sure is dense otherwise light shud have penetrated and made his see things clearly about Congress paying for it’s sins of corruption.

Mrs Kiran Bedi joining BJP has created more than a minor tremor in Aam Aadmi Party and Congress which is not even in the reckoning at this point of time in the calculus of Delhi assembly and govt formation.

Headlines Today of Mr. Aroon Puri is also proficient at manufacturing news where none exists, screen shot is uploaded.

Aam Aadmi Party has taken to tweeting against Ms. Kiran Bedi because they know what this means for their party. Not surprised at all rather waiting for the language to get progressively foul as the frustration increases in the party.

This just about sums up the story that the tweet collect and uploaded are telling us.