Sunday, October 3, 2010

Do Not Supress Free Speech and Expression.

“Thank you Hindustan Times for zealously protecting our right of expression as you do yours. Most of us come to this site for there is no censorship unlike most other mainstream English media sites; here comments are flagged only if they are offensive in the extreme.”

These were my sentiment as expressed on 24th of July 2010. I have been reading Hindustan Times for over 40years now.

The change or should one say the intolerance and propensity to delete comments deemed unpalatable for reasons other than abusive, derogatory or inflammatory, has transformed Hindustan Times into a virtual Police State. This trend of heightened censorship has been visible ever since the Home Minister of India issued a statement around the 8th of September 2010 in connection with the events that were to unfold in USA on 11th September 2010.

The arrogance accompanying this mindset is that the individuals to whom this platform is readily accessible may indulge in their favorite pass time of denigrating individuals, religion, caste, class or a Political outfit of their choice.

Yet the same right that is bestowed on all citizens of this country in equal measure by the Constitution of the India is being denied systematically and wantonly. This is an unacceptable situation in a free and democratic country like ours. Hindustan Times should display the courage to receive in return as good as it dishes out to those whom it pleases.

These were the comment that were posted on their site this morning in response to an article Shaving grace? by Indrajit Hazra

"Shaving grace? - Hindustan Times 22 hours ago

Wit, Humor and Satire evoke positive response if and only if timed appropriately. Conversely is a source of great embarrassment to the person indulging in the above acts!

You are found wanting in that.

Existence in a civil society is dictated by certain norms, go against them and you are classified differently.

Against the system...............A rebel
Against the state..................A criminal
Against the society...............Anti social
Against the family.................A black sheep.

Irreverence is a great tool employed by those endowed with grey cells, dark black holes do not make an intellectual.

Overwhelming response on the board are against this attempt at irreverence, yes there are 3 or 4 commentators who are going upstream, these are chronic cases seeking attention, who are delusional that the universe exist due to their efforts and they are the center piece around which the earth revolves.

Finally your reaction would not be far different from the majority on this board in case the same irreverence is display towards your ideology, parentage, siblings or your spouse.

Stink is rising fast prudence should be the watch word.
This comment is awaiting approval

Edit Delete Context HindustanTime"

I will conclude this with an appeal to all those who read this blog to make it a point to post their views if they did indeed find my comment unreasonable, derogatory, abusive or inflammatory. Do these comments need to be flagged and approved when this is not a standard practice.
Thank you all for you support.