Sunday, January 11, 2015

India awaits its own Maiṁ cārlī hūn “Je Suis Charlie”

 “Terror has no religion” infuriates us no end to hear this from the politicians across the Globe, this they know is a blatant lie, yet they speak it regularly, their compulsion not to antagonize and alienate any section of their voting population.

“Je Suis Charlie”  “I am Charlie”  “Mai cārlī hūn” is the concurrent statement being made globally. Charlie was a much used word during Vietnam War. Today it signifies, indomitable courage, honesty,and ability to do what is right. Not many in Indian media can use this term for its way too heavy for their mouth to utter “Mai cārlī hūn”

Scum normally sinks to the bottom, does not float on top for long, somehow it has taken too long for the scum in Indian media to sink under the weight of its own filth. Signs are there it’s started to happen. FAI and ISI promoted track 2 activists have invested and wish to remain so, is what makes them to defy logic and logical actions.

This current lot in media is disturbed if there are any protests and legal actions initiated by their prime enemy to rectify or oppose something that may hurt or be unpalatable to the majority community.

Same lot in media will instantly jump to defend terror strike and murder by indulging in root cause theories.

Fareed Zakaria on CNN indulged in root cause theory as a justification for attack on Jews in France on 09Jan. Biggest irony is when Barkha Dutt questions US of A for lack of support for a blogger in Saudi Arabia she has traveled very far and is unable to recall Chaitanya Kunte who she had threatened with legal action and made him to take down his blog post which exposed her.

The constant, constant is Sagarika Ghose who just cannot breath unless she spews venom against Hindus, desperately hoping and praying for some violent act so that she can then paint Paris Terror and a minor violent act as equal.

Unable find anything on which to fault the majority community in India Sagarika Ghose goes on to complain why is there so much support for Freedom of Speech from majority community, because this unsettles all her premises, years of hard work down the drain. This just does not tally with the image she has created of the Hindus.

Her well know hypocrisy is exposed again by her own tweets.

Political tweets Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress makes for hilarious reading, also Ashish Khaitan of Aam Aadmi Party has something to say about how the crowd is gathered by BJP for its rally in Delhi.

This is the story from the Tweets gathered and posted on the 10Jan2015.