Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Please do not politicize the issue.”

October has been significantly hectic, events have unfolded with great speed. We are through with the Navratri, the Durga Puja and the Vijay Dashmi. There is the phenomenon of 5Fridays, 5Saturdays and 5Sundays in this month, then there was 10-10-10, and at 8.10PM we shall witness yet another 2010 2010.

Yes we did have a great Common wealth Games, but now it is back to business of corruption in organizing these games, elections in Bihar, political upheaval in Karnataka, emergence of yet another Son on the political scene. Twitter and the net are abuzz with a minute to minute update as the events unfold.

As always the focus of this blog will be politics and role of media. Both of which have a profound effect on our lives!

Every time the newscaster or host of a debate on prime time TV show throws this line “Please do not politicize the issue.” at the spokes person of political party, I am most intrigued by it. What does the host or the moderator of the show means by this? Spokesperson of a political party will speak on issues with a political perspective; how can one expect the doctor to prescribe medicines without diagnosis.

The multi agency probe has commenced into the alleged corruption in CWG, last afternoon the media went into overdrive once the news of raids on BJP functionary Sudhanshu Mittal’s office and residence broke out, their jubilations could best be compared with that of young child who receives his first box of fire crackers. The scam involves a sum of Rs 70,000 crores as per reports which have been appearing in the print and electronic media.

If one was not used to Indian media he/she would have believed that the entire case had been solved in a single raid on this Mr. Mittal. As things have turned out Mr. Mittal claims that the value of contract signed by his company are to the tune of Rs 29 Lakhs or under Rs.3 million as against the colossal sums allegedly involved in the entire scam.

Cynicism is all pervasive, visit any website of any Indian newspaper people are apprehensive that this multi agency probe will deliver nothing, we need a more comprehensive and visible team to investigate the crime. Worst is that those who are under a cloud are Ministers in the present Government and the agencies investigating are also under the direct control of the Government of the day, will justice be done or will the routine follow.

There are commentators and newspapers who are asking Indians for patience, people are questioning the rationale of this multi agency probe, our history is replete with scams and against those the column which should depict the number of people punished and duration of punishment is blank. Yes there has been no conviction of a politician in last 63years. Congress party is in the eye of storm, media is extremely congress friendly and hence there is added disquiet that all this will be hushed up with more than liberal assistance from the media. Patience with the people is in short supply, we want results and fast that is the message that is being sent out loud and clear. It is for the powers that be who must heed before this cynicism converts into indifference for the media, congress and its Government.

We are seeking accountability and more than that is identifying and punishing the guilty. Our past experiences are not giving us hope and that is why Indians are agitated.

sheila_shitdik If you have seen a funnier collection of #CWG cartoons than If you have seen a funnier collection of #CWG cartoons than these please let me know please let me know. #commonwealth

Aditya Thackeray is the new kid on the block from Shiv Sena in Maharashtra politics, grandson of Shri.Bala Saheb Thackeray. His emergence has been dramatic as can be, he has been credited with withdrawal of Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey, published in 1991, which has been on Mumbai University’s English syllabus for a few years now. He chanced upon a few unflattering references to his political patrimony, it was summarily excised from the curriculum. Mumbai University Vice Chancellor Rajan Welukar leapt to action in 24 hours, in order to placate the Sena’s student wing, and using emergency powers at his disposal.

This has been hotly debated by a TV channel which even interviewed the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, who incidentally concurred with young Thackeray, much to the charge in of the host of that channel. There are umpteen numbers of cases of books being banned by the Union or State Governments. Somehow our secular liberal brigade; goes into overdrive moment it reads or hears Shiv Sena, BJP or NDA. There seems to be a serious genetic disorder with these self professed guardians of our liberal secularism.

There are multiple ways of viewing all issues, as also different opinions need to have equal space in our country. We vehemently object to the world view of the few which is being attempted to be pushed down our throats.