Saturday, November 7, 2009

Religion or Nation First

The suggestion or a premise that singing of Vande Mataram would amount to affirming ones patriotism, conversely lack of it, is ludicrous and absurd.

What was the purpose of the fatwa? If it was to object the coercion or compulsion to sing the national song, then what is being done, is exactly the same, coercion is employed prohibiting a section of the Indian society from singing the national song. If the former is unacceptable, is communal, how on earth can the latter be acceptable and secular.

However there are larger points which need to be visited and should not be glossed over in our usual hope this will fade away. The benevolent attitude, of the Union Government, the accompanying pontification is a cause for serious concern.

A fatwa in the presence of ¼ to ½ a million Indians of common faith, carrying the message back to a nuclear family of 4 at the very minimum we are looking at a million plus people who receive the message first hand, the Geometric Progression impact would be much larger.

Was this an aggressive assertion of religious identity, and ability to influence elections or change the course of history of this Nation!

Has India not paid a heavy price or do the clerics feel cost has not been paid in full and more is due.
Contentious issues raised by the minorities are secular, become communal when raised by the majority community.

1. Was there a tacit nod from the Union Government, the Congress party to exhume this issue after nearly 5 decades?
2. Should sub identities over ride Nationality?
3. What does secularism mean?
4. Why the need for a religious identity by a minority which is the largest group?
5. Was this done to provoke an aggressive and opposite reaction from the majority?
6. How should the common man answer to his young ones who are the future of this country what comes first Religion or Nation!
7. Does the Constitution permit this Fatwa, opinion, decree or edict what ever one may wish to call it!
8. Would it be acceptable to the Union Government if some Sadhus and Sants gave a clarion call for construction of a temple or prohibiting an act or performance to the member of their community?
9. Where is all this going to end and when?
10. When are we going to activate the process of healing?
11. Winning election and garnering votes more important than unity of this Nation.

The door has been prized open for further such fatwas towards other national symbols, should this not be nipped now, the price exacted could be far heavier. What would the Government do incase this religious group was to demand that the passports issued to them should be written in Urdu?

Did the very Congress perform its duty of protecting the minority group in 1984 when there were large scale killings on the street of Delhi between 1st to the 3rd of Nov? Is this duty enshrined in the constitution of India? What are the duties of the minorities? Where are they enumerated?

Those who are in a position to influence their co-religionists would serve them and the Nation by adopting a positive approach towards, empowering the people thru education, employment, tolerance and providing space for other religions by engaging in a constructive dialogue to overcome all out standing contentious issues.

Needless to say we are a large family of diverse religion, languages etc etc, we are also civilized, capable of discussing and resolving matters.

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.


  1. Because of lack of study of Islam with Quoran et al by non-Islamics(including Hindus along with Mahatma Gandhi), the problem continues. The issuance of Fatwa is a part of Islamic/Sharia law . To make a Dawa (Islamic claim),clerics are supposed to issue a Fatwa first. There Umma understands all this but all this is in deception to non-Islamics , to hoodwink them. The first was done in near around 1857 by Deoband(it was created & established then for such purposes only & in 1947 there were 400 madrasas in Pakistani part of united India)& needless to say that Pakistan was the outcome of that & we foolishly keep blaming the wrong guys for that because of our conveneince & stupidity (e.g. Jinna is a very easy target).India needs non-Islamic scholars of study of Islam.

  2. Since I do not have the required knowledge about Islam. It would be absolutley unfair on my part to comment on this aspect.

    However the question that I have raised here is what should come first. The Nation or the Religion, this is something that we need to address. It is important for India and Indians since we do have all the religions in this country and a uniform and an informed approach is what can keep us together.

    Reasons for disputes are easy to find. Points of agreement is what we need.