Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is this personal or professional issue??

There is a serious war raging out there on the micro blogging site Twitter. It is no holds barred.

Incensed Indians are taking on the media and it prominent faces. Fierce would be an understatement. Public is enraged that even now no television channel has, shown courage and the gumption to play the tapes in full.

CNNIBN has broadcast 2 programs, the only channel to do so; this also is after serious prodding from the twitterati. Other channels are still conspicuously silent this is raising questions or their credibility?
Blog posts on this issue are multiplying by the day. Indians are not willing to let go of this, they are demanding answers and accountability, trust has been betrayed, forgiveness is not being contemplated.

Guilty need to be punished and banished from this field! What is further fuelling the fire are tweets like these? Is this appropriate? Why instigate an already enraged public opinion? Is this journalism? Is this acceptable conduct from a member for the journalistic fraternity?
The entire community is in the dock for the actions of the few. Open public debate on this issue is paramount to cool tempers or this will rage on. How many it will consume is unknown at this point of time cynicism is ruling the roost.

This is what the public is demading from the media:

"Common sense wins” -Only for comments from readers who visited the Editorial get the sense of Public mood.

 Saffronizer @rwac48 "No Views, Only News" regime will go a long way in chastening the spoilt Indian media.


2.  sanjeevirao RT @KiranKS: Vir's column stopped. Sagarika gone crazy.Barkha should collapse soon. Power of getting exposed by #MediaMafia grilling on Twit

3.  sureshnakhua Prabhu - Prabhulila mein lag gaye ............... VIR - almost virgati ko prapt ho gaye ....... Barkha - Tum Kab Jayogi #Barkhagate

5. Dosabandit Ok @virsanghvi forced to take a break from counterpoint, now for @BDUTT to do the same. #barkhagate #mediamafia

6. Dosabandit The line of defense adopted by Barkha & Vir was the exact same thing they scoffed at in the Gujarat-2002 cases. #Barkhagate #mediamafia

7. barkhaoffair Tweeple requesting all to extend ur support our grp on Fb aswell called "Sack Barkha"Since we r planin on our movement in Delhi soon PLS RT

8. arvindsaraswat RT "@sksaran: If #mediamafia asks who we are,tell'em "we are TITANS" (Twitterers of India against Tainted & Arrogant News Service )"

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.

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