Monday, December 20, 2010

Has the Youth Icon from congress let down the youth of India.

Wikileaks has brought into lime light a conversation between Rahul Gandhi and US Ambassador to India. As per the report Rahul finds the threat from Hindu radicalization more dangerous than LeT. Reams have been written about this. Congress spokespersons have been all over trying to explain what was meant, as if we do not understand English written or spoken.
No I am not going to get into the politics of this, nor am I going to explain what has been written in which paper. I will simply post links to all those articles. 
I am going to approach this from a social or let’s say societal angle. Now what can the parents do in such a situation? We are repeatedly told till it gets ingrained not to discuss family affairs with outsiders till it becomes second nature to us, this is not unique to India it is a world wide phenomenon. Imagine the plight of a parent who rebukes his/her child for discussing family matters with an outsider, the child turns around and retorts but that is okay since our Icon also spoke about India’s domestic affairs with the US Ambassador. Not withstanding all the protestations and explanations from Congress this is unacceptable. A very poor example to emulate!
The second point that I am going to touch upon is that, this conversation has established beyond doubt youthful exuberance can cause serious damage, and is not the panacea as has been projected by Congress. The youth icon has done a great disservice to the Indian youth who wanted to enter politics. Third point youth who come through rank and file with experience in college and university level politics over parachuted politicians should be preferred.

The political fallout, the articles which appeared are being made available for all readers to form their independent opinion on this issue.

You cannot be a political columnist in India today and ignore the man who could be our prime minister tomorrow if he wants. But, for those of us obliged to pay careful attention to Rahul Gandhi’s political career, one big problem is that he seems never to have any views on anything. This is what Tavleen Singh had to say. Rahul on terrorism. 

Some people have greatness thrust on them. By Swapan Dasgupta This Emperor-to-be,has no clothes
Flawed teacher , Ignorant pupil. by Chandan Mitra   
Complete analysis of whole Rahul Gandhi controversy,enough to shut the mouths of his supporters. 


Lastly responsibility and authority together form the word “leader.” Leadership cannot be bestowed it has to be earned by displaying those broad shoulders which can bear the weight of responsibility. Unfortunately the youth icon has failed, he had the opportunity to own for his comments, he chose to remain silent. Will the Indian youth view this positively or will this become an albatross for Rahul Gandhi. 

I will conclude this post by posting another cartoon by Mr.Satish Acharya.

Latest Article posted in Wall Street Journal.

This is an absolute must share for all the readers.

There is no major threat from 'saffron terrorists'

The recent controversy over a politician's remark on 'Hindu terror' and another gem of invoking visions of an India [ Images ]n Hitler [ Images ] need to be dismissed with contempt they deserve. The former American Ambassador to India, David Mulford's comment that Indian politicians can stoop to any level to garner votes is a ringing indictment of this tribe of politicians.

But such is the power of repetition of lies that there is a great danger of these becoming self-fulfilling prophesies and therefore need to be challenged. An even greater reason is that a politician in wilderness (and a former chief minister) has insinuated that (just like Pakistan) 'saffron' terror has infiltrated even the Indian armed forces. He approvingly quotes the example of a lone wolf rogue officer who is alleged to have got involved in terrorist acts. In the interest of national security, these wild assertions need to be challenged.

I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.

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