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Twitter a case of Fatal attraction or twitter a case of a sting in the tale (not tail)?

Social media a formidable foe for mainstream English media?  This blog was posted on 31st Dec 2010.

Today I am revisiting the subject wondering if twitter is case of Fatal attraction or is twitter a case of a sting in the tale (not tail)?

An innocuous platform, bird with an open beak imposing serious and debilitating condition of 140 characters and no more! Wonder what’s become of the machismo and the macho, those who strut their wares of how to beat the system and extend the boundaries. No signs at all, no struggle what so ever caved in tamely, guess this is harsh! We took to Twitter as a fish does to water.
Low internet penetration in India, yet #2 when it comes to twitter usage globally after USA, ahead of Japan, Germany & UK! " why? The partial answer lies in the fact that our media is not credible print & electronic. These two seem to have established academies to train and churn out the best that Goebbels would have willingly given his right arm for. Electronic medium in particular has outdone Goebbels the original propagandists.
What is Twitter? Normally described as social media platform! The meaning differs from person to person some use it for selling, some for connecting with the world, a few for fun and some for sharing knowledge, views and debate. It is a perfect and effective antidote for our self professed pompous, self-righteous, sanctimonious ostensible journalists. 

Twitter is also the alterego for many, Twitter is the sounding board, Twitter is for attracting others, personalities from Entertainment Industry announce forthcoming releases, Socialites their pet themes and of course media personalities invite you to view their show on TV and pose questions, more importantly they mock and challenge. Ah last but not the least manufacturing fake tweets by TV channel to influence viewers. 

Twitter has become a personal pigeonhole for Tweeple who block the journalistic fraternity, pelt them with tweets to which the recipients cannot retort directly, this is a role reversal to the utter dismay of the media, has not yet been able to come to terms with.  It is reported that a show hostess last week on air in the course of show stated that she was a hated figure on Twitter, question is? Did she elaborate on her own contributions for attaining such a cult status
An indisputable fact is that people on this forum have tremendous knowledge on almost all subjects are vocal and quick to correct any misrepresentation by the media folks, this leads to debates and often heated exchanges largely civil in nature often ending in Tweeple being labeled by media folks as Internet Hindus, Right wingers, Khakhi Chaddi Brigade, Trolls etc etc.
There are stray incidents of abusive language being employed by a few, blocking is normal. Irreverent Tweets are also a norm, rumors by media, as also misinformation is tried to be inflicted on us, such Tweets are duly deleted with promptness that the mischief does not return to haunt the perpetrator, by way of retweet or be used as evidence to confront the culprit. Tech savvy Tweeple ensure that such tweets are instantly captured and re-posted to the dismay and discomfort of these individuals who tried to be cute on this forum. There is a recent instance of a journo from Economic Times going overboard and posting hateful tweets, cruelly attempting to later justify them as a joke, we did not detect any humor what so ever in those tweets, will leave it to you readers to reach your own independent conclusion. However this was picked up and a blog was posted.
It has been famously said by a Tweeple “Media is a crime scene ensure a screenshot is retained” How true are these words you will be able to gauge for yourself by all the screenshots that are posted below.
Maintaining the decency and also the possibility that some who visit this blog may not take kindly to abusive tweets being displayed that is being avoided though links to such tweets are posted for the information of all those who may wish to read and acquaint themselves with such personalities.
The intention is to keep this blog alive by daily updates. An earnest request to all the readers, please forward screenshot that they wish to be published here and for the abusive tweet please do forward url.
In conclusion a few journalists in the West have had to lose their jobs on account of intemperate and offensive tweets, I am hoping that this post will ensure erring journalists in India are also dealt with in a befitting manner for their misdemeanor.   

Latest update on 18th July 2011
Said one disgruntled tweeter, “The problem with 24-hour news channels is that after a point, my desensitized attention glazes over and starts making fun of the news script.”- Mumbai serial blasts: How Twitter trumped TV channels

Latest update 06th Nov 2011


1.Click this link for tweets  Women Abused by this man
Tweets Uploaded on 23rd June
Tweets Uploaded on 17th June
Tweets Uploaded on 15th June latest exchange
 I welcome a debate and discussion on this…As always, please keep your tone civil, your language polite…no sweeping generalisations please and no personal abuse.  Thank you.

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