Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being "Apolitical" is it the best way forward for India?? Friends of BJP event 13th sept 2011 JaiHind College

Brief introduction of the subject (Keynote Address)

"Please don’t politicize the issue is a common refrain to any inconvenient question raised by the protagonists in political sphere and also by the media. This per se instills a sense of revulsion & disgust towards politics & politicians with the other oft repeated Aam Aadmi.

We have been witness to an event the like of which has not been on display previously. Yes protests against corruption. 

The latest addition to our vocabulary is “Apolitical” there have been other words also bandied about like “Unelectable” and “Unelected” which have not found as wide an acceptance or usage by the public in the regular discourse.

We really need to understand this 'Apolitical'. Is it a word, a term, an ideology, an ism, a statement or an expression?

Is this an accessory or a new product? What is its true meaning? Does it have a definite meaning as do other words if it is a word? What are the implications if we do accept this in any of the above forms?

How does this measure up; when we compare with words such ‘Amoral’ & ‘Atheist’? Is Apolitical the opposite of Political and politics or is it devoid of politics.

Do we need this? If yes why?

Does this pit one against the other? Is this an oversimplification or an overkill given the current state of affairs in India!

Would this involve Indians increasing in the political process or will it make Indians more cynical about our political process and hence our democracy. 

There is an urgent need to deconstruct & place this in its true perspective lest we cause any long term damage to our Democracy.

Much harder work is required, more effort than participating in candle vigils or wearing Gandhi caps. Politicians thumping desks and civil society thumping chests don’t make a revolution. Waiting for a hero is not the way. When Andrea lamented to Galileo in Brecht’s play that there were no heroes, Galileo said: pity the nation in need of a hero. And pity, too, the nation that can’t tell apart a real hero from a false one."

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