Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spot fixing in IPL or is it a case of Fixed NEWS????

Are you puzzled? Enraged? Or simply bemused at what English language MSM is so occupied with. A billion people betrayed No sir a billion people don’t watch IPL. Yes the viewers of TV channels are dismayed at what has been going on in the name of NEWS.
We belong to a land which has not been visited by any crime ever. A society so pure and honest is the strong impression any viewer of Timesnow in particular and other Television channel would get.

It was on 07th Feb 2010 when I last wrote on IPL . Media had gone ballistic about non inclusion of player from Pakistan. “More Adventurism By Mr.Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express” Link.

Media has worked itself into frenzy over the past 10-12days with a sustained coverage of #spotfixing. Leading the pack is Mr. Arnab Gosami of Timesnow, every evening he gathers his lynch mob of 6 to 8, starts preaching and demonizing his targeted individual. The judgment is pronounced before the ranting and raving begins in his studio, all that needs to be done is hang the convict that Arnab has identified and condemned.
The evangelical zeal displayed by Arnab in this #spotfixing incident attempts to convince us that there is no greater crime than this and it has not ever happened in the world leave alone India.

India does not have a single law to punish the crime of fixing in sports. Arnab wants us to believe that he can change it all with his high decibel in studio rants. “India wants to know” and “nation is asking”

What has left most viewers bewildered and nauseated with this incessant coverage is why have the larger and more damaging scams not received a similar treatment from Timesnow and Arnab in particular to name a few. 2G, CWG was limited to Queen’s baton relay while there were other areas left untouched, Antrix- Davos, Coal Scam, Westland Helicopter scam, Tatra Tucks, National Herald and Land deals of Vadra.
Why there has been no 19 part expose on any of the above scams. There was a witch hunt launched by Arnab and Timesnow in case of Nitin Gadkari plenty of noise was created by this channel without being able to establish any wrong doing, similarly with BSY the then CM of Karnataka.
What we are witnessing is a repeat performance of contrived outrage and faux evangelistic zeal in case of #spotfixing. Basic fact is being ignored, we have no law under which this can be punished and why has the commissioner of IPL not been questioned even once instead the focus is on BCCI president. The problem is in IPL that needs to be fixed.

In a nutshell any discerning viewer without having to exert much would reach the same conclusion. This is a clear case of FixedNews and not case of #spotfixing. 

In conclusion why is it that BCCI should answer and not the commissioner of IPL. IPL is a private enterprise, all misdeeds and poor business decisions will impact the owners and the players involved, why should so much time over so many days be invested by Timesnow in particular?  What is the purpose and at whose behest is this being done? Timesnow has not devoted so much time on other scams why?

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This is not funny at all. 
“Sources said Sonia Gandhi was annoyed by the growing perception that the political class had ganged up to protect the corrupt in the BCCI and asked the party not to be guided by Shukla.” Twin charge under way

Latest update on 30th May 2013

Known as ‘Mappillai’ in Tamil and ‘Damad’ in Hindi, all sons-in-law have high standing in Indian families -- religion, caste, region and language regardless.  By S Gurumurthy 
The contrasting tale of two sons-in-law http://bit.ly/13ZLUkB

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“It is perfectly reasonable that today’s young men swimming in the sex and fame of the IPL industry should believe that their only punishment will be a slight tap on the knuckles just now and a Parliament seat from Kochi or Trivandrum when they reach an enlightened age.” By M. J. Akbar  A cash-and-carry junket  

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