Saturday, December 20, 2014

Triple Challenge For India From #Jihadis , #SecularJihadis and #MediaJihadis

Three decades of terror has still not desensitized us Indians. Every terror strike brings with it, its own horror and barbarity. 16th December 2014 will not be easy to forget, even though terror struck Pakistan and not us, a nation which has been using terror as a strategic asset in its statecraft. 

When adults are victims of terror grief and damage is no less, but when terror strike young innocent school going kids it takes on a totally different dimension.

Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi reacted to the dastardly act as any head of government of neighboring country would! No infact he went a step further when he asked for schools across India to observe 2 minutes of silence in solidarity with the young victims of terror in Pakistan.

We have the page 3 types who want to cash on every opportunity to get the arc lamps to focus on themselves with senseless #IndiawithPakistan kind of hashtags. We don’t even finish ruing such banal acts of good for nothing publicity seekers who can’t differentiate between individual’s sorrow and state that perpetuate terror on India.

India is indeed unfortunate that it has a very large number of Indians whom I classify as #SecularJihadi and #MediaJihadis who seize any/every opportunity to indulge in fear mongering and vilification of BJP, RSS and Hindu majority, by stretching the dots even without links or justification.

Compounding these acts are the Fai sponsored and Track II diplomacy gang of Indians who think they can deliver what ISI wants.


Reaction to terror incident from Pakistan was along expected lines. Yes I tend to respect them more, even in their deepest grief they don’t let go of their hate for India.          

India has to be very watchful of the enemies within who are hellbent on dividing the society along religious lines using hypothetical situations to incite passion against the majority community.

These #SecularJihadi pose a very serious threat to all of us, they were still gungho about #IndiawithPakistan when news of 26/11/2008 Mumbai Terror attack  mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi being granted bail by the trial court in Pakistan was received.

Soon all of them were floundering for words to justify their loud expression of #IndiawithPakistan.

Schools kids across India express solidarity with the young victims of terror in Pakistan.

Will India be able to surmount the triple challenge that it faces from the #Jihadis , #SecularJihadis and #MediaJihadis their goal is common.

A big Thank you to Mr. Tufail Ahmad for posting all the photos of school children from across India used in this post.

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