Monday, March 17, 2014

Victim of inefficiency, silenced by corporate arrogance! That’s twitter for you!!

Wonder how many of us have been a victim of inefficient corporate entity and when requested for rectification of the mistake, threatened by the corporate with withdrawal of services on permanent basis. This is arrogance personified.  

There has been a series and serious attempt at impersonating my profile on Twitter. This I had reported to Twitter on the 4th instant.

1. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 @kppradeepdr @vbsingh60 @TwitterIndia to suspend this account  for impersonating you click this

2. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 @suryakantpandey don't know some one who is troubled by my presence. Pls report for spam

3. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 @yitsjha capital 'i' used in place of   small 'L'

4. ‏@anilkohli54  Mar 4 @minesh_jsn No I have blocked this dup id

5. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 @justicearnab You are not the only one here's some thing more.

6. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 @justicearnab used capital 'I' instead small "L"

7. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 Requesting @TwitterIndia to suspend this account  for impersonating

 8. @anilkohli54  Mar 4 Pls cud U do it @Twitter Requesting @TwitterIndia to suspend this account  for impersonating

After this I did receive an e-mail from Twitter with a secure link to forward proof identity so that they could do the needful.

The above link did not function for a few days 

@anilkohli54  Mar 5 @Twitter link sent to me via mail for uploading Identity document for case #00365416 is not working unable forward identity document to you.
 @anilkohli54  Mar 7 @Twitterindia @Twitter attached screenshot is an impersonation my id. Language being used is not mine & unacceptable.
@anilkohli54  Mar 7 Guys please mass report this as spam  account as spam ,made by aapian parody account

Finally on the 11th of March I did manage to get a functional link and forwarded documents to establish my identity with twitter. 

With this done I was looking forward to my issue being resolved, instead to my consternation and shock, the impersonating account remained active and my account was suspended. 

I even tried to send them a screen shot via e-mail to draw their attention to the mistake made.

When the above screenshot did not get any response for Twitter, then these were sent on the 12th of March Twitter responded with a threat to suspending. My account permanently because I had sent these Tweets to them, which seemed to have disturbed them, rather than wake them to take notice that a mistake had been committed at their end.

Since then I have made another request to restore my account, yet again there is no response to that.
Finally this morning again, I have sent these Tweets, so that the issue is resolved.

Hope some one wakes up in Twitter and takes notice of what has been done against what was requested.

All the screenshots which clearly establish how the impersonation is being done? 

Latest Update as on 30th Mar 2014
Latest Update as on 25th Mar 2014

Humbled by the response of Tweeple on restoration of my account. … via @anilkohli54

Latest Update as on 24th Mar 2014
 I had requested @Twitter to restore my account on the 18th of March 2014 case #00718066. This did not get any response from @Twitter so again on 21st March I filed another request case #00819750 and my account was restored. No reason no apology nothing has been received.   
Latest Update as on 23rd Mar 2014
Latest Update as on 21st Mar 2014
Help sought on 12th March  Twitter responds on 21st March that to without looking at the case. 
Latest Update as on 20th Mar 2014
Latest Update as on 18th Mar 2014

Latest Update as on 12th May 2015


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