Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hate monger?? Or Journalist??

Since the 2002 riots in Gujarat, media has some how always managed to draw a link to that, regardless of the evidence or lack of it. We have seen corruption of humungous proportions and also an equally high degree of vilification of the majority community.                                                                                                       
These are the most prominent faces who have led the charge against the majority community.

Ignoring the basic facts of India a 5000 years old civilization, invaded, plundered and subjugated by foreign rulers, millions of natives killed and converted to the religion of the rulers. We the Hindus have still survived without retaliating or closing the frontiers of this country to people of other faiths.

We have continued with our age-old tradition of respecting other faiths, accepting the persecuted and not imposing our religion on others. India is unique in 5000 years of history there is no recorded instance when the boundaries of this country were sought to be altered by war or subjugation of another country.

A country that has allowed practicing of all world religions here has also been the headquarters of 4 out of 8 major world religions, namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism & Sikhism. [The other 4 being Islam, Christianity, Judaism & Zoroastrianism]

In such a peace and religion harmonious country, what is astounding is its media diatribe against the majority community on a daily basis. Those who murdered democracy are projected as the great Democrats and protectors of Democracy and those who resisted and suffered to restore Democracy are called fascist.

The other paradox is those who have presided over innumerable riots and also engineered mass murder in 1984, blood stains clearly visible are called secular and those against whom no evidence has been found or produced are called Communal.

Today’s story is about an individual, who is the vilest of all, harbors pathological hatred towards Hindus and all things Hindu. A complete book can be written about this individual, but that would also not be able to bring out the venom that is in this person.

Best is to read the thoughts that this individual has been posting on Twitter from the year 2010. I do hope the sheer number of Tweets don’t make this story monotonous for the reader.  It’s important to understand the psyche and guard against such persons, who cause damage to the great Indian society.

Salman Taseer was murdered in Pakistan by a young hardliner because Taseer was considered anti-Islam. Will there be a day when an Indian will be faced with mortal danger from a young hardliner because he is considered 'anti-national?'

Mr. Hamid Mir of Geo TV survived an assassination attempt and Sagarika Ghose seized this opportunity to indulge in needless scare mongering and vilifying Hindus in the guise of Right majoritarian religious nationalism.

latest update as on 12th apr 2015

 Some more gems from this ostensible journalist.

Now that you have read all the Tweets, these are her words nothing said by anyone of us. What is you verdict? Please do take the time and trouble to clearly state in the comments, what you do feel.

In case anyone has any further evidence which is not available, please do forward to me and it shall be uploaded here.

Latest update as on 23rd Apr 2014

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