Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dr. Bedi caught the rat by his tail & flung him in public #ArnabTheRat

Last two days have been more focused on the role Media in India is playing, it’s apparent to all who wish to observe the high levels of distress being experienced by all the known personalities of TV channels who collectively raise a din which can be heard in heaven also.

Radia Tapes to Barkha Dutt, Madison Square Garden to Rajdeep Sardesai, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar fake interview to Sagarika Ghose and now we have Dr.Kiran Bedi to Arnab Goswami of Timesnow. This man has sunk to the lowest possible level and dragged media down with himself. Video released by Dr. Kiran Bedi clearly establishes she did not run away as has been drummed by Arnab and his minnows in the channel. On the contrary Dr.Bedi has caught him like a Rat by the tail and flung him in full public glare.

This is a very serious matter with the elections due in Delhi such adverse publicity can harm her election process and give an unfair advantage to opponents. People of Delhi could be deprived of an efficient and stable government.

This incident needs to be acted upon by ECI because it interferes with free and fair process of elections. By BJP because it harms their chances of winning and forming a Government, as also defames their nominee for the post of Chief Minister, by NBA for spreading falsehood; By Ministry of Information & Broadcasting since this is their domain and duty to ensure proper conduct by all TV channels.

There are other anchors, who are also on a similar assignment to somehow trip BJP in these elections, no one seems to be able to get the required traction so far, Sheila Bhatt even ventured into Dr. Bedi’s private life.  

Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV seems to be very upset with Dr. Kiran Bedi for stating “RSS is great organization that has united the country”, Jain’s pugs are out on a cue commenting on Twitter about this statement.

Janardan Dwivedi has praised PM Modi, will he last in the Congress party? How long? This is not what Congress party and its Top Brass appreciates. This party can’t even pay for its website. One Mr Sanjay Puri got up and walked away with the Congress website since he had been funding it.

Rana Ayyub of Tehelka fame is upset at people joining BJP and more particularly those who have walked out of Aam Aadmi Party. This is sheer hate and nothing else.

There was another good news and that was Late Srinavasa Ramanujan’s cryptic deathbed puzzle of 1920 solved.

Truth revealed by Dr. Kiran Bedi who had also taped the interview. 

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