Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is Twitter proving to be the grave yard of Journalists??

No election result has had such an effect as the last general elections, which have give a clear majority to BJP lead NDA government, subsequent state elections have also gone in favor of BJP in the year 2014.

Congress stand decimated and could soon be facing the challenge of even retaining the right to be called an all India party (National Party).

This has compelled congress cronies in media to get shrill about any and every issue if there is none then they manufacture one for outraging endlessly on TV channel and in print.

Second day running there is a virtual war on Twitter. Social Media users are calling out these loyal soldiers of Congress party who are deeply disturbed at the success of BJP government. An all out attempt is on to project the terror boat as some benign smuggling boat laden with Diesel and other non lethal articles.

Praveen Swamy after NDVT seems to have taken on the onus of proving this case and is on a blocking spree on Twitter. He is unable to answer any question posed to him. Regardless of cargo on board, the boat had no right to be in Indian maritime territory and on being challenged should have surrendered for inspection.

While all this was going on, Seema Goswami purportedly a journalist treated us to a wonderful diet of economics from Pappu’s school of economics. Laughter evoked is unbelievable. The common thread in this puerile presentation of data is the hate for BJP lead NDA government.

These loyal soldiers of Congress are feeling the pinch, their luxurious life styles have be rude shaken and the possible of those days returning recede with each day present government stays in office.

Tweets posted below tell you the complete story of the day.

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