Monday, June 22, 2015

Go gone went down the tube maddog arnab goswami.

Journalism has never been associated with glamour, it has been a dull drab profession, which requires exhaustive research and excellent command over language, total control on emotions by the reporter when reporting any event. Reporter is not a participant or a protagonist in the unfolding event which she/he is reporting, personal view opinions  have to be avoided at all cost, an observer who bridges the gap between those who are not on the scene has to be dispassionate and objective in reportage. These are the basic parameters on which journalism rests. We have a handful of journalists in India who enjoy tremendous public respect and they widely read, trusted for their work, they have built this reputation over years thru hard and sincere work, they don’t go ballistic use adjectives excessively to describe any event or person. Language is moderate yet carry’s a punch which leaves one gasping for breath for a long time after reading their articles.
We also have a set of newscasters in tv channels who find it difficult to sit still in their seats, hold their fingers from wagging at others or paper waving to make a point. Some believe body bag count decides newsworthiness of an event, another believes if being critized something right is being done yet another seriously believes decibel levels decide the authenticity of a report facts are unimportant as long as  a paid panel with similar mind set is gathered and chant in unison you are guilty you are guilty. In a nutshell we have these narcissists as newscaster each one is an oracle with exclusive rights to first claims of impact due to their reportage. Courts, constitution, police , army, diplomats, minister don’t count for any thing they are the ultimate panacea for India and it’s issues.
Indians have been thru an excruciating week starting from 14/06/2015 to 21/06/2015. one misguided newscaster took it upon himself to report on an issue without fact checking or being open to corrections. He was so driven by his zeal to nail someone that he ignored all basis of journalism, how would he know? He is not a journalist, only a newsreader who delivers the lines with right kind of voice modulation to keep the viewer titillated to hear him to the end of the show. Oh yes this is the normal variety of newsreader, but arnab goswami does not fall into this category, he is unique one of his own kind, set out to damage bjp and it’s minister for external affairs, ended up hurting congress his channel owner and self.
In this age and time with social media everyone needs to tread with caution. Facts are brought out by users in no time leaving channels,  bombastic newscaster, political paymasters and colleague red faced , exposed beyond repair.

Barking cant be the norm, public will reject and eject such channels. Yes your opulent life styles obiviously point to corruption that you all practice, devils cant be quoting scriptures is also a given.Where is the case in which city ? which court in India has pronounced him as absconding.Will he use similar adjective tofor sonia and rahul Gandhi who have been summoned by a court to appear as accused in national herald case. why different standards? 

Disclaimer I have not watched a single IPL Match do not believe it’s cricket, corruption is part of IPL

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