Monday, July 27, 2015

“Words of wisdom or Freudian slip?”

When I read these words Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said Parliament would be ... Gandhi, who had on Thursday accused Swaraj of committing a “criminal act” by helping ... “If we keep silent on these issues, it would be a disservice to the ... So, when you do a criminal act, you go to jail,” he had told reporters in ...,” the first thought that came to my mind was , kid has indeed grownup, he maybe 44years of age , finally the brain is also starting to grow and has reached atleast an age of 16years.
Since congress is not permitting the parliament to function pappu is making statement when  and where ever he can.

On closer secrutiny there was disappointment in store. Pappu has not grown he is still that toddler that we have been witnessing for past ten years. He vomits the scripted sentenced which are poured into him before leaving his residence and at the first opportunity he blurts them out and quickly moves on lest some one ask a question or two, which would expose whatever little he has managed to hide so far.
Pappu did not tell us the following

  1. what sec of IPC  had been breached?
  2. where  and when?
  3. why no fir had been registered?
  4. how could a mere mention “if your rules and regulations permit you may.It would not affect bilateral relations between our two countries.”?

  1.  what is the crime.?
  2. now is Pappu in a position to place in public domain, case nbr, offence, court & city after 07th may2014? No strong evidence against Lalit Modi, say probe agencies A senior official said they lacked strong evidence to nail the former IPL chairman for allegedly violating foreign exchange law

Ever since pappu uttered these profound words. Ghulam jo kabhi nahin hoga azad and no anand or sharm in this anand sharma have been parroting. Since CBI is now free from congress control. These two parrots are pleasing their mastersby standing in for CBI.

These words seem  to have been used more in apprehension about the pending  National Herald case where pappu and mummy have been summoned to appear as accused. Now if his logic is to be strictly applied then, the first two who shud go to where pappu says” criminals must go”
Lets hear what pappu has to say in his defence  and that of his mummy? Resignation also must precede of these two.
Congress is yet to explain if lalit k modi was a wanted person, then why sonia’s congress did not extradite him  for 4years, why cabinet refused to move for extradition of lalit k modi, instead an illogical “ bilateral relation would suffer was stated.”

'Manmohan Singh Cabinet Decided Not To Seek Lalit Modi's Extradition' The Congress party's bid to turn up the heat on the Narendra Modi government appears to have suffered a setback... MEETU JAIN

Poetic justice:

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