Friday, April 2, 2010

Day of confessions and damage control by Congress and the Media

This is in response to “It’s a two-way street” by Anil Dharkar 01st April Hindustan Times.

Two articles on the same day! This is a shift in tack from the Congress friendly media. Having reaped the whirlpool by sowing the winds!

The needless attack on the Bachchans, the over the top and shrill reporting on Modi's appearance or lack of it on the 21st March, left the media, the Congress party red faced and bloodied nose. The netizens made their emotions known to all and sundry what was acceptable and conversely what was deplorable and repugnant to them.

A hasty retreat! An equally pathetic attempt, at rehabilitating their political paymaster by Hindustan Times. Vir Sanghvi, Pankaj Vohra and Vinod Sharma have lost their credibilty in the eyes of the public, in comes Anil Dharkar and Rajdeep Sardesai. Sorry Mr Dharkar you are the looser in this attempt.

Sonia Gandhi is nothing more than the glue that binds the Congress party. You demean Indians by placing all the credit at her feet. "She did so from a sense of duty to save the Congress from the oblivion it was hurtling to under the ‘leadership’ of the likes of Sitaram Kesri and Arjun Singh, Sharad Pawar and N.D. Tiwari." this party without this glue will fragment into pieces that we will find difficult to count.

“The poor of India weren’t put off by her foreign identity because they saw that she had embraced an Indian one: in clothes, in deportment, in language and in family values.” Were sold a dummy by the congress friendly media the misuse of the name “Gandhi” As always fiction of a better tomorrow made it possible to win elections, the hard facts are before the poor of this nation, who have multiplied under the Congress Governments, the poor will deal the telling blow in the near future.

Please do ponder if People of Indian Origin living overseas crave and work for a better India and we very proudly claim that India lives in their hearts. Why is it not acceptable that the country of origin of the Congress president lives in that heart, why should we accept, that this is an exception to the same logic and rule. This is where the educated made the distinction and that is why the acceptance was not and is still not forthcoming.

The question that you must answer to all of us "Are we going to lead a life of perpetual indebtedness to the Nehru Clan?" Have we not already paid a heavy price for allowing this family to be the sole arbiters of the destiny of our country? Is Indian freedom struggle only about Nehru? Were there no other persons who sacrificed or participated in the struggle for attaining freedom? Lastly the most important question that we all must ask ourselves for how long will we hand out the top job of this country to this clan on compassionate grounds. Ignoring more deserving, and meritorious individuals! Congress is nothing but a family run enterprise similar to the regional parties where the top job is always held by it promoter. The only difference is that it is playing at the national level as against other being mostly restricted to their states.

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